Bankruptcy….The Best Thing that Can Happen to You

What do you think?

Isn’t bankruptcy the worst thing that can happen to you?

I always thought so, but to be honest, it’s the best thing ever!



Life was pretty good.
My business was running well, not excellent, but well.

I had a lot of free time.
Debts were almost paid of etc etc.

I had nothing to complain, but still I did.
It just was not enough.

Not having enough was the drive to expend my business. You might thinks that that is a good thing.
It is, but not if you are not financially strong and the risk is to big.

I thought that if I bought another restaurant would bring me good fortune and that all my financial worries would be over.

WRONG!!! 🙂

There are only so many hours in a day. I could only be at one place at a time. It was horrible, I was only working and working and working.

My other businesses, I build with my own hands. The last one? was already there, I just cleaned it. But later I figured out that everything was all broken. So a lot more money was needed.
There wasn’t a bank to help me, they refused.
After seven long months I was able to get rid of the place. I turned in the keys and that was that?
No, it had cost me over $140.000 and personally I was a wreck.

I couldn’t call in sick, because I didn’t pick up the phone….

Even though Het Heden went really well, it was not enough to deal with those debts.
At the end of 2013 and in the beginning on 2014 I was talking to social services to see if there was something left to do.

Hitting rock bottom was the best thing ever. It got me going again!

Hitting rock bottom gave us the drive to look further, to look for other options.
There was a family to provide for!

Het Heden survived because of two generous people who borrowed me money.
Next to that I started to look for opportunities online, because I saw other people around me having success doing business online.

I was looking for a business opportunity that:
was easy to do
had no or little investment needed
was not about three way calls en doing home meetings ( My brother tried to trick me for something like that and only the idea horrified me)
I could be passionate about.

And it should be something that I could started right away and combine with my daily tasks like saving a restaurant…

I started blogging.
I started to cash in on my passion.

My wife Muriël joint me and now we are cashing together.

How? check this link.

This is how I got started… I bought the trial

and never gave up.

Now a year later business is booming! online and offline.

I grew as a person and I am still learning every day.

So many things can happen in a year.
Don’t give up….ever

This post is not to brag, but the press upon you that bankruptcy is not the end of the world.

I strongly believe that everything is for a reason and that in the end good will come of it.

Everything comes and everything goes…..Anicha


I hope this post helps you in believing in the future, if so, please leave a comment.


What successful People Know About the Importance of Routine

To learn new skills,
you need a routine to go help yourself
through the learning curve.

If you want to change or achieve BIG things
you really must hold on to routine,
without making excuses!

Listening to your excuses
and not taking action on your routines ………..
will get you to half or no results and
a ticking clock that won’t stop
and more time will go by
before you reach your goal
no matter what it is!
And I bet it will make you feel bad, sad,
or even unhappy.

The greatest ballet dancers,
most successful business people, best actors ………..
their routine helped them to achieve
the success they always wanted.
They focused & took action.


routine 2

So let me help you here
and coach you in the right direction.
By telling you my story
[3.33 minute YouTube video above]

Step into your energy,
use it and focus on your goal.


So after a long intensive day
EVEN today after a funeral,
Dirk and I will be there for our team
and for our online business.
And it doesn’t costs us a lot of energy,
because we use our routine to keep us going.

For all entrepreneurs who need a boost:
–> Did you listen to the Empower Hour yesterday ??
Lisa asked Meredith what strategy she used to
sponsor 62 people in her first 90 days online …………
Guess what her “secret” is?
answer ————————————-> Routine

This is our daily routine in our online business
And let us inspire you to create a routine like this as well 🙂


  • We are thankful for the new day
  • We shoot a video
  • A daily blog post will be written
  • that we will syndicate online.
  • A daily e-mail message will be sent
    to our team/ people in our email list
  • And after responding our e-mails
  • Connecting with our FB friends
  • Connecting with our team members
  • We will listen to a training
    that will teach us new things
  • that we will implement tomorrow
    in our online business
  • Before we fall a sleep
  • We will read for at least 30 minutes
    a personnel development book
  • We meditate for 30 minutes

And that is that 🙂

Hope you will benefit from this blog post.
Please tell us?

Talk soon,


How to Set Up a Blog Site to Promote your Business Online and Quatriple your Income

Since Dirk & I are blogging with our new Kalatu blog,
people ask us questions all the time
how it works and where to get it.
Because this blogs looks so amazing!

We’ve brought in a lot of leads
and publicity for our businesses
using our Kalatu Blog.

I shot a short video training for you:

How to Set Up a Blog Site
to Promote your Business Online
and Qua-triple your Income



When you are serious with your business,
do not waste your time
working on things that other systems
can do for you.

Look at your business professional and
act professional.

Leverage other systems,
invest in your business!

Working with free blog sites
is NOT what we think is professional!
And beware of violating their policies
because they
they can take off your content 🙁
and they can be hacked too.


Leveraging the internet
to get eyeballs on your business
is one thing you really got to do
as soon as possible!

And qua-triple your income 🙂

Start now and get your blog here !


Talk soon,

Dirk and Muriël

Results not typical but we are
not typical either.
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The Step by Step Guide to Work on your New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Dear friends,

Christmas Holidays are over……………….
In Holland it’s already Monday,
Probably in other time zones it already is.

Looking for a great life changing
New Year’ s resolutions for 2015?

I shot this video for you.
Because I know how most people feel.

Most people feel very sad
because they have to go back to business.
Perhaps you are one of them who also wants :
More family time
Get out of debt
Learn something new
Enjoy life more
Help others
Get organized ………….

But the daily rat race began AGAIN!
This is your way out to go for your
New Year’ s resolutions 2015 !
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It gives us an amazingly great feeling
to be able to earn online money with an automated
online system.

We feel amazingly FREE!
Love to show you how you can learn the same.
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Bye for now,
~ Dirk & Muriël

Results are not typical.
Your work ethic can be different as ours.
So see income disclaimer here

How Audible Books Changed My Live

How Audible Books Changed My Live

Although listening to stories is as old as mankind, audible books are something new to me.

I have this “condition”….I find it very hard to read one page in one go, let alone 2 pages. Some say that I am a little hyperactive 🙂

My father told my that he had the same, but it never stopped him from finishing his university degree and being a psychologist his whole life and still read multiple books a month.


I remember the time a was still studying and had to read a lot of books. It always took me a long time and I noticed that I didn’t registered everything I read.

After I graduated I didn’t touched a study book for a long time.

We traveled and after two years I started my own restaurant. I got caught up in working 90 hours a week, because I  always thought  that that was the way to get somewhere. That was also what people around me complimented me on.


I did this for about 8 years and then I got the opportunity to buy  a second restaurant. Great! I thought  🙂 But there are only so many hours in a day. 

Within zeven months we hit bankruptcy with the second restaurant. I was not able to divide myself between the two businesses and there were a lot of “dead body’s in the closet”

Our main business, restaurant number one Het Heden, was saved in the end, but money wise I had been put back about five years.

I knew that in order to provide for my family I had to think of something. I only worked for a boss for about 4 months in my whole life and the idea of doing that again horrified me and being in debt the coming 10 years as well. 

So, I started looking online. There are so many opportunities out there, that I almost quitted before I started!
Maybe you know that feeling….

Luckily good friends of my showed me the way to blogging. Blogging is a great way to create an audience  and if you have enough “eyeballs” on your blog you can actually sell stuff through your blog by using banners.

You can sell your own product or somebody else’s product.

I didn’t have a product, so I looked for an opportunity  that was easy, affordable and do’able. 

I stumbled upon a viral blogging system witch you could try out for 7 days for only $7.

I never left, with this system you can cash in on your passion, so to say. You can use the blog for any business your in.

Beside a new business to secure our future I also knew that I had to change. Working for 90 hour a week is not the solution.

The beautiful thing of this blogging system and the company behind it is that it comes with a lot of personal development.

And that’s where it al started with the audible books.

For me to change, I knew that I had to read. They say one book a week, but with my concentration it was more likely one book every six month. And because you never really get into the book you start a new one halfway.

I kept trying and I kept reading. This company also provides audio’s. Motivational audio’s and I listen to them every day, it is easy and fun. You can even do that while riding on your bike or in your car.

I listened to “think and Grow rich” on youtube.

And now, since a few day’s a found Audible books.  I don’t know why I didn’t thought of that before but I love it

One of my first audible books are Awaken the giant within from Tony Robbins.

Now I have acces to al these books and I grow as a person and now there is nothing that can stop me from hitting my goals.

There is an App, so you can listen to and have acces to your library when and where ever you are. 

I can really recommend using Audible books. Not only have they great inspirational books, but of course they have fiction, romans every kind of book you want. About 150.000 titles.

 Hope you treat yourself on the best gift you can give to yourself and that is knowledge.

If you don’t grow, you are shrinking!

Thanks for reading my post. If it was helpful, leave a comment below.

Mentorship for Entrepreneurs in 2015

Hi to you all !

How was your Christmas?
Hope you had an awesome time.

I shoot a video for you,
to remember you that
Dirk and I
offer you our free mentorship for

Although I lost track in my video and I talk about 2014….
I didn’t want to shoot
my video again.
Something flew into my eye live (lol)
while filming and I try to stay calm……
You gotta see it pfffff.

So this was my video message.
ONLY for very serious people
who really want to hit some
online results in 2015 starting right now!!

Don’t let me know
that you want to stay in your
with enough to live well, but
not very exiting perspectives………………..

Go for real great changes to
make an online PASSIVE income.
No 3 way calls,
that’s what we have our amazing system for.

Use our mentorship.
To guide you online,
keep you on track
and help you to get that
power mindset that you need
to hit your goals!!

It’s all up to you!
We are only looking for
hard working,
open minded,
time investing
and coach- able people.

Are you this person we are looking for?

1. Then go go go ! to the link below
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5. Get your $7 trial system (we use too) for 7 days
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Your LINK to our mentorship
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And don’t forget to
download your e-book we give you
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It’s just a simple act of kindness….

Bye for now
Let’s talk soon.

Dirk & Muriël

P.S. Folks – obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary.
Please see our Full Income Disclosure.

Revealed: Secret Guide to Fast Success With Private Label Rights products

Using a Private Label Rights Product as a way to get leads

When building a business you need what call a “lead magnet” for lead generation and as the beginning of your sales funnel.

A lead magnet is “something of interest to give in exchange for somebody email address”

Provided that the product is of high value, a PLR product would be an ideal way to do that.

Not only of high value, but also, of course, related to the business and nich in question and helps to solve a problem.


You can give the Private Label Rights Product away

A Branded Report on List Building is a Private label Right product we would use.

You would give away the report (Branded with your company name and details inside it) in exchange for an email.


The PLR product would

A: help you to build a value relationship with your prospect and

B: they would have more tendencies to buy further products or services from you.


You can sell the Private Label Rights Products

You can, if you found the right product in your niche and if there is a demand for it, sell them.

You can do this as the beneficial owner or by promoting the Private Label Right product for a PLR provider.

This can earn you some useful money towards a marketing budget for your primary business.




We recently shared a private label rights product on list buiding with our subscribers to introduce them to this phenomenon.


Where Can You Find Private Label Right Products

Google is the most obvious way to search for “private label rights” or “PLR”

It will bring you to various providers.

But as I said before, do your research and look for reviews and testimonials and buy the product yourself first.

A respectable provider will have a refund option available so that you can see for yourself if it would be a good fit for your subscribers, prospects and potential prospects.

One important lesson we learned in the beginning of our online career was to only recommend PLR products we used ourselves or which where highly recommended by people we knew and trusted. 

This is a principle when followed, you can’t go wrong!

The best Private Label Rights providers will be membership sites where you pay a monthly subscription to have first access to their product range

The one that we use is HQPLRStore

We recently started using their range of PLR products to add value to our subscribers and to use as a lead magnets to our primary business

There are many benefits of using private label rights products to build your business.

Just do your research first and ask yourself the question “would I find that of value?”  If the answer is YES then it’s likely your subscribers and potential prospects probably would too.

4 Inspirational Quotes On Family and Life

Life is life,
and life flies when you have a dynamic family life….

a man

So we regularly like it to “stand still for a moment” ,
and realize the beauty of having a family and living together
in all thinkable situations.
That it’s precious and we don’t want to miss any of it!!
For example:

Having fun and hang around with each other

Sharing our deepest feelings when we feel sad

Biking on 1 bike (lol, watch our video above
and see how Dirk and the kids cruise through The Hage…)

Celebrating birthday parties together

Celebrating the birth of a brother of sister

Sharing our grief when a close family member dies

Just having breakfast together and feel privileged
to enjoy a new day, although we feel grumpy 🙂

We love to read your favorite example of a family moment that’s printed in your mind!
Feel welcome to leave them down here in Comments.

And we love to share a few of our favorite
Inspirational Quotes On Family and Life:


We love this one,
because children are born
with the loyal love for their parents.
It’s a beautiful gift.
Makes us very sad that there are parents who
do not honer that gift,
and break the souls of their children by for example abusing them….
Luckily, many parents do provide warm nests for their kids 🙂 !


Love this quote,
because we know this feeling!
After our big financial setback and almost hit bankrupty (last year),
we still felt so rich because the love in our family never stopped.
It felt very precious and there’s no price for that.


This one so true for us….
We tell ourselves every day that we’re thankful for having each other.
That “safe” and fundamental feeling gives us strength
to explore life as if we have nothing else to lose,
as long as we have each other.

Walking on our entrepreneurial path we often think like this.
And therefore we’re not afraid to step out our comfort zones,
but our children are holy and comes on 1st place!!


This one is all about realizing that all you do now is most important
for your children
It fit’s totally our family vision and the reason for the entrepreneurial
path we’re walking on.
Because now our kids need us,
now they are still growing up.

So what’s the use of being away from them
because of a job,
when it’s also possible
to make money online from home!!?!

We love to be entrepreneurs 🙂
And we love to tell others all about it,
so other parents can also come home in 2015,
making money online.

This is how we are able to be at home
with our kids when they need us.

and you can use a 7 days try-out of our system,
for $7.
See HERE how it can work for you

spent as much time as  your kids need,
while they grow up .
Make fun 7 in staid of 2 or 3 days a week as a family!

What’s keeping you?
Maybe you need to boost your mindset,
and believe that is it possible to change your live
and live it with passion and happiness.

We listen to an audio every single day,
where in
the most successful entrepreneurs
share their stories about which steps they took
to be able to delete all bad time eating jobs/actions.
Down this blogpost you see a banner to see what it is.

Hope you can benefit from our blogpost!

Talk soon 🙂


~ Dirk & Muriël

De Beste Keuze voor een High Tea in Den Haag

Volgende Stop; High Tea Den Haag

High_tea den haag


Er is niets gezelligers dan een middag gezellig bijkletsen met vrienden of vriendinnen.

Een steeds populairder wordend fenomeen dat daar goed mee samen gaat is de High Tea.

Door heel nederland is dat tegenwoordig mogelijk.
De High tea is er in vele soorten en maten. Heel duur of juist zeer betaalbaar.

Wat mij opvalt is dat je in de praktijk ook krijgt waarvoor je betaald.

Het is voor een horeca gelegeheid kinderlijk eenvoudig om een simpele high tea op tafel te zetten.
Kant en klaar bij de groothandel te bestellen, maar het nou smakelijk is is een tweede.

Aan de andere kant heb je gelegenheden waar je de crème de la crème krijgt, maar niet iedereen kan zich deze  chique omgeving veroorloven.

Waar komt deze heerlijke gewoonte van High Tea nou vandaan?


Het is allemaal begonnen met de Hertogin Anna van Bedford die in de jaren rond 1840 tegen een uur of vier honger kreeg en zich bij haar dagelijkse thee allerlei lekkernijen liet serveren, zodat zij niet hoefde te wachten tot het diner.

high_tea_Den Haag anna_van_bedford

Verschillende thee soorten en kleine, lichte gerechten werden voor haar bereid.

Zoals u kunt begrijpen beviel dit haar wel en zodoende ging ze dit steeds vaker doen.

Als Hertogin had ze natuurlijk de nodige invloed en binnen een mum van tijd zaten de andere dames en heren van het Hof ook aan de high tea.


Dit is volgens de verhalen de geschiedenis van het ontstaan van de high tea. Officieel hebben we het hier echter over de afternoon tea, maar hier in Nederland noemen we dit de high Tea.


Maar we hadden over high tea in Den Haag

Zelf vind ik het belangrijk dat alles uit eigen keuken komt en dat het geserveerd wordt op een etagère.
Ook belangrijk bij een High Tea is dat er onbeperkt thee bij zit. Liefst met veel verschillende smaken.

Verder is de bediening cruciaal. Blije en oplettende bediening maakt de High Tea compleet.

En waar ga je dan heen voor een High tea in den haag?

Mijn favoriete plek voor een High tea Den Haag is Het Heden.

Je wordt daar altijd hartelijk ontvangen en het is er lekker ruim, maar je hebt toch het gevoel dat het heel knus is.

In de zomer maanden is de tuin open en dat is zo’n heerlijke plek voor een High tea.
De tuin is wel 50 meter diep en grenst aan de koninklijke stallen en de paleistuin.

Het is er een oase van rust. Je kan er verkoelende onder de druivenranken zitten of in het zonnetje, de tuin heeft een perfecte ligging wat dat betreft. En het ziet er altijd super gezellig uit.

Op deze foto zie je nog niet eens de helft van de tuin, moet je na gaan!


Alles komt hier uit eigen keuken.
De High tea van Het Heden bestaat uit huisgemaakte

  • Brownies
  • Appeltaartjes
  • Cocosmacronen
  • Tompoesjes
  • Vers gebakken scones met, jawel, echte clotted cream en jam!

En natuurlijk 3 heerlijk belegde kleine broodjes en zoals ik al zei…. onbeperkt thee.

Ook schenken ze er heerlijk bubbels, want op een of ander manier kan een high tea toch niet onder bubbels?

Nou goed voor een High tea  in Den Haag ga je dus naar Het Heden




The Meta Secret and Understand HOW You Can Live Life in Abundance !!
It’s unbelievable,
how important your mindset is
to get what you truly and passionately want to achieve in life.

We are very grateful that this video once
got our attention because of a friend showed it
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This video will tell you all about
a secret beyond all secrets.

The ”how to”
for many things you deeply want in life
-but you never ever believed
that it’s possible for you-

…….. you can claim it.
Because you have all answers and powers inside of you!!


Watch the video above
and benefit from it.

Build from the inside
and make miracles happen.

Everyday Dirk & I listen to
amazing empowering mindset audio’s.

And we see the results in our daily life
and business.

We encourage you to do the same and
do what you love, be happy.
Or /and double of triple your business results too
like us.

Believe in yourself,
give to others and help others
and do not forget to take action!

Start working on your mindset with daily audio’s.
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Dirk & Muriël