Vitamin d-3, benefits and side effects 2014

“Only if your shadow is shorter dan your own length,
the sun is able to create vitamin D-3 in your skin.
If not?
It doesn’t make any difference if you would go outside
naked on a sunny day”

(Dr Reinhold Vieth, mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto Canada)




What is vitamin D-3
Vitamin D-3 is been made in your skin
with the help of the UV-B radiation of the sun.


More and more studies are being done
and it becomes clearer and clearer
what the effect of this vitamin is.
Or what the lack of it means
for your health.

Vitamin D-3 is not in your food!


How do you get vitamin D-3
As I said before,
it’s through the sun we get this vitamin.

People used to think that the exposure
of your hands and face for a duration
of 15 minutes daily was more then enough
to keep a healthy level of vitamin D-3 in your body.


This is not true!


Especially not in places like the Netherlands
or Northern America and canada.
Not even if you would be outside
al day in winter time.


Only from april till september
the sun is strong enough.
But during this time the sun
is often blocked by clothes of sunscreen.

So still no vitamin D-3.
In these months you should be
naked in the sun for about 15 minutes
daily between 11 am and 3 pm
to have a positive effect.


Why I take Vitamin D-3?
For years I had to deal with depressions
every winter.
No energy, no happyness,
I didn’t want to come out of bed.


My business always went bankrupt
in the winter.
Not for real of course,
but I was convinced it would.


This started every year around September.
They call it SAD,
what stands for “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.
And Sad it is.


What really used to help was daylight.
Going on holidays to warm and sunny country’s
or where there is snow, nice and bright.


But there are also a lot of different artificial lights.
Depending how strong the light was
you would have to sit about 20 minutes
to half an hour right in front of this light.


For a long time it helped,
but it was still a struggle to get through the winter.
Not only for me,
but also for my wife Muriël
and my 2 kids


My father had the same condition
and also had to deal with himself.


Untill our discovery of Vitamin D-3!!


I’m not kidding!
2014 is the first year I’m taking
a high daily dosis of vitamin D-3,
about 200 microgram.


The result is that I am
a happy guy with a lot of energy.


Enough energy for playing with my kids,
go to the gym,
running a restaurant
and building an online business at the same time.


Side effects D3
A highly dosis for a longer time
can cause the calcium level to raise in your blood.

You can check your blood
to be sure what how much you need.
Be aware that most dokters use different
standards about what level is common.



Benefits D3
It reduces the chance of a lot of deseases
like cancer or diabetics.

There are a lot of other benefits
and probably also side effects.


Click here,
for what I think is a great article about vitamin D-3


My life became so much brigther and happier,
just because of this vitamin.


Hope this blogpost helps you
and that you can benefit from it.


The world is not comming to an end!

Be happy, take vitamin D-3

Talk to you soon,