How Vipassana Meditation Changed My Life

Vipassana Meditation

Let me start with explaining what Vipassana meditation is.
It is also known by the name ‘’Anapanasatie Yoga”.
It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha
more than 2500 years ago and was taught by him
as a universal remedy for universal ills, i.e.


Vipassana is about observing yourself from within.
It’s a meditation without visualisatie, without verbalisation.
The only thing you actually do
is to sit and observe.


In Vipassana meditation you don’t have
the intention to change something.
You are aware of  of breathing in and out
and and your body is taking care of that activity.
That’s why you can let go all control.
And letting helps you to connect the body with the soul.

All those who try it will find Vipassana to
be an invaluable tool with which to achieve
and share real happiness with others.

How I Discovered Vipassana Meditation

About 10 year ago, I started to practice Vipassana meditation.
I was searching for something likewise,
but couldn’t find it.
My father discovered it in a newspaper article,  
searching for something completely else….
A rental house for us!
So it was kind of something that ‘’jumped’’ on our paths.
(Were just came back from  along travel and we were expecting our first child and needed anough space to live in)


My dad did his first 10 day course.
That’s how the you learn the Vipassana technics.
A few months later I did my first 10 day course too.

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It was very exciting, because what was I thinking?……
For ten days 10 and a half hours a day meditating.
No speaking, no talking, no fysical contact
or contact with the outside world
and no eye contact with other students
Get up at four A M and you eat your last meal at 11 A M.

I was’t sure If I was able to finish the course.
Specially the not speaking part was completely new for me.
But somehow,  after I decided to go for it,
I acieved my epic mission!
It was only 10 days on a whole life, so what!
those were my helping thoughts.

How Vipassana Meditation Changed Family Life

The results ware amazing.
When I came home,
I felt like I was a fresh new me,
very equanimous and peaceful and balanced mind.

Since that experience,
Vipassana has become our way of living.
Also because my wife Muriël and our dauhgter Sem
practise Vipassana regularly. 
Sem visits special children courses
that comes with a lot of other activities,
like making cookies,
handcrafting and climbing threes.
And of course shorter meditation sessions.

I can advise all people to practise Vipassana.
It’s a non religious, non sectarian meditation.
People learn to observe life how it is,
resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.
There are no charges for the courses,
so it stays very pure and everybody is equal.

Vipassana suits completely our vision in life and in business.
Vipassana teaches people to be equanimous
and to love and help others,
no matter what where they come from.

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Sure it is possible!

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~ Dirk (& Muriël)

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