top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world to visit 2014

This is my top ten of the most beautiful beaches.

Oké, we haven’t visited them all, but they are on our bucketlist….


Number 1 The Dutch beach, the southern part

I was not sure on what place to put this beach. But deep in my heart this is my favorite beach in the world. It’s the beach near Scheveningen, Holland. In summer or winter, both beautiful. It’s perfect for surfing, kitesurfing and I personaly l love to ride my Fatbike on the this beach. You can ride al the way along the coast.


Number 2 Peniche Portugal

A two hour drive north of Lisboa in Portugal, there is penich.
Beautiful and rough. Great for surfing. Big Antlantic swells.
But what I also liked were the restaurants an little cafés on the beach.


Number 3  Bora Bora

Maybe a cliché, but this where I want to be. Cristal blue water, warm etc etc.
This should be my number 1, but since I haven’t been there yet…


Number 4 Hidden beach, Mexico

This is a hidden beach in Mexico. If you walk over land, you can’t see it.


Number 5 Pink sand Beach

Pink sand beach on the Bahamas, wouldn’t you just love to be there?


Number 6 The Seychelles

This is one of those beaches……


Number 7 Fernando de Noronha, Brazil


The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is not a beach where you just go for a day. Visitors are restricted, but the lucky few are rewarded with unrivaled beaches and soothing warm waters filled with dolphins and sea turtles. It’s perfect for diving. Talking about desserted beaches.


Number 8 Issyk kul, Kyrgyzstan

Where? On the shores of the second biggest lake of Asia. Kyrysztan, a former Sovjet Union country with mostly mountains ( 85% of the country is above the 1500 meters. Far Far away from the ocean you can still enjoy the beach!

Number 9 Wineglass beach, Australia

I just love the shape of this beach


Number 10 Daytona beach

It’s a wide sandy beach in Florida at the atlantic side. a bit north you drive your car on the beach and picnic. We went there in october 2014 and surfed al day.


Let me know what your favorit beach is!

See ya


PS Would you like to go to all these beaches too? But don’t know how to affort it? Well you can…. Check this

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