How Consistent Practice Will Lead To Progress In 5 Simple Steps

its Muriël 🙂

Just want to share a short story about

how your consistent practice will
lead to progress in 5 simple steps.

It doesn’t matter in what area you want to make progress.
The thing you always have to do is be consistent with practicing.

For example,
going once to the gym will not give you your ideal body.
But if you practice a lot &
surround yourself with people who are better than you,
you’ll get better every single time.
Because you can learn from them.

An inspiring environment will help you.
Connect with other sporters.
People who are complaining about sports
will not help you to reach your goals in the gym.
You even don’t feel to go anymore
when it’s your friend who is getting the active thing down.

Bet he or she isn’t strong anough
to be as consistent as you working out,
and is now reflecting it on your behaviour,
by get you off track.
Unfortunately this happens ladies and gentlemen 🙁

Ofcourse you also need a qualified trainer
who can teach you how to work out
to get the results you want.

You have to act the same way to make progress
in building your business.
Practice consistently and you will make progress
with your business.

The 5 steps to take in any area to get progress
So step number 1 is
1) Find out what you want to accomplish.

Step number 2 is
2) Take the desiscion to go for it

Step number 3 is
3) Surround yourself with people who are better than you and
  learn from them.

Step number 4 is
4) Find a coach, sponsor, mentor, or trainer who can teach you how

Step number 5 is
5) Be consistent and never quit!


Talk to you soon.

And go for your progress!
And you will skyrock in whatever you want to accomplish in life.

~ Muriël

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