Stay Positive

My buddy & I were fatbiking on the beach,
when we hit a “mountain” of shells.
The result was a flat tire! A 4,8 inch flat tire.


I found the hole, it was big.
But then I found out that the glue was finished!!!
So I had to walk untill my friend came back with glue.
(He went to get some glue
at a friends house near by Scheveningen.)


I could have been sad,
because we were going fast
and there was no wind and now I had to walk.


But to be hounest?
I never walked, by myself in the dark
(there was no moon that night) on the beach.
First I felt a bit uncomfortable.
But after a while I loved it.
So peaceful.
It was because I choose to enjoy
to be alone in the dark on a desered beach.


Did you know that you have “filters” behind your eye’s and ears?
These filters are the reason
that you see things in a certain way.

Luckily, you have control over these filters.
See it like a basebal cap.


If the cap is to the front: you filter everything in a positive way.

But if the cap is to the back: you see everthing dark and negative.



So, when you get up in the morning,
make sure your cap is in the front!


Even in a situation where you get bad news.
If you have a positive filter on,
things are not that bad.

Refraim the situation yourself!

If you win the lottery:

Positive: Jaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Negative: Now I have to pay a lot of taxes,
all my friends want to go out with me
and they want me to pay etc etc.


Do you see the difference?

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Thanks 🙂

Stay calm and always stay positive.

Hope to inspire you,
if you are in a bad mood


See ya,


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