Travel Blogs

Travel Blogs          

and how they can preserve your memories



It was the year of 2002
that Dirk and I left our home
& quit our jobs in Holland.
We were going to be on the road for 1 year to visit Asia.

It was before the digital era.
We had no digital camera, mobile phones or laptops.
There was no facebook and we never heard about viral blogs.
We just opened an Hotmail account and learned how that worked on the road.
(Ok, we were a bit slow with that,
but that’s just how things were.)

That’s why our picures have bad quality colors 🙁
But fortunately our memories still very fresh 🙂
It was the year that Dirk proposed me!

Those are just a few impressions of our journey

Dirk doing a try out with the window – On the road somewhere in China

Muriël searching for a local market Udaipur in India


Dirk & Muriël beaching in Arambol Goa, India

Muriël in local imitation North Face, climbing some mountains – Annapurna Circuit Nepal

Hopefully, you will use all systems available now in 2014
to preserve your memories.

To preserve your memories and tell others about them,
you can use a viral blog.

Idea = Make a nice travel journal, with your stories covered with pictures, video’s and audio’s.
Create a memory journal like this.

And doing the things you feel passionate about
can provide others inspirational stories and knowledge.

For example:
You can help them advising others where to go to, tell about your favorite guesthouses and so on.

And last but best tip from oldschool travellers,
about what we would advise you do now while traveling.
Something that wasn’t possible back in 2002:

Go cashing with with your passion, by blogging

This link leads you to a video that explains exactly how.
If you want to see what’s in it for you.
Check it out and watch it.

Please tell us what you think about the video?
(Scroll down and comment in the comment space on this blogpost)
And ofcourse, you can tell others about this blogpost.

Talk to you soon,

 ~ Dirk and Muriël

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