Inspiring People Chris And Susan Beesley

Orlando Florida, October 2014 ~ Visiting the 3 day Empower Network Event

Finally my husband Dirk and I from the Netherlands, ”Dirk and Muriel”
visited our first Empower Network Event in the USA.
Wish we did this last year because

Yes, it was a lifechanging experience for us!

The atmosphere, all knowledge that’s shared by great marketing leaders
AND being among like-minded people who give great inspiration to your own personal development proces is amazing.
Never did we experienced so mutch helpful and inspiring people working in the same business together. People who reach out for others and true empowerment. Not just to make money and target others.

There we ‘ve met Chris and Susan Beesley.

That same day, we listened to their story right there on stage.
They shared with the audience how they got connected with the Empower Network.
How they stopt with their successful but time eating offline biz,
to have time and freedom as entrepreneurs.
Now they Do have time and money to spend with their children and grandchildren
& to travel thanks to their online success in Empower Network.
& Chris and Susan found a solution for they pension problem.

Because I already felt connected with them thanks to their Inner Circle Audio’s,
full with golden eggs.
I always had the wish to say to them:

‘Thank you, for all inspiring audio’s I listened to, riding my bike, through the rain, going to work dreaming about more freedom and a laptop lifestyle.
You help me so much sharing your story and marketing tips for my own path to fulltime entrepreuneurship”.

& so I did tell them:-).

And after our small conversation we shoot this pretty picture, thanks to Susan’s idea making something to remember, with a nice green background.

What you you think of the result,
pretty picture right?
-feel free to write your comment, scroll down to write it, and I will respond.

Hope to inspire you !

~ Muriël

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