Why Faith Is Essentual For People’s Minds


Once upon a time there was a man

A poor and simple and brave man

Who was able to unite more than 2 million people

And esablish a revolution for independancy for his people

Without help of any influential friends or financial power

And he accomplished something very successful and unthinkable

And he accomplished that with having a persistent state of FAITH.

His name was Mahatma Gandhi.
And this story really happened.


Faith can remove peoples limitatons.
Faith can be a trigger for our subconscience mind to come into action
in a way we are not able to do with only our conscience mind.

It is said that people are able to be master of their own earthly destiny,
thanks to the power to influence his own subconscience mind.

Faith is one of a few human power tools
( I would like to call them that way, because I just love the word power tools 🙂  )
that can make ”miracles” happen.

Hopefully you are getting my point here,
that so called ”miracles” are actually happening because of a strong faithfull mind.

Dirk and me are absolutely positive that human life
is working with those rules.
Our story is our own prove,
that never ever giving up,
and always keeping faith,
will finally get you there where you want to be.



At the moment I am reading
“Think & Grow Rich”,
written by Napoleon Hill.
(Hell, why didn’t I read this in highschool??)

This story inspires me
and gives me insight in all lose ends in my own history of my life.
Now I see why many things were always working well for me,
although life was also very hard on me.

I always kept Faith,
and therefore I created my own positive and successful destiny.

Hope you will be inspired to follow you path in life,

holding on to your faith.
And your dreams will come true!