What Can Happen In Your Biz When You Use Online Marketing ~Our Style~

We are SO excited about what happened in our offline biz- our restaurant Het Heden.

Because Wold Cup Football Games never brought customers to our restaurant, we did something NEW!

We started a few special designed campains on the internet.
Designed by us ……

Some time ago (in a series of trainings about how to get Online Traffic) we were tought about many online marketing technics
by a guy who is master of converting internet traffic.

And see what happend now for the third time…..(third games the Dutch team played).

The restaurant was full of people who all loved to see the game in our place.
Just because they saw our advertisements online, on their FB newsfeed and on other online ”places”, because of our payed advertisement tactics Yeah :-).

And we will go on using all tips and trics we learned to apply in our offline,but also online business.

What we can do, you can do it too!

Imagine if you will get all targeted customers you need for a blooming company?

One thing is a fact
…….You will earn more money
and you are probably closer to be able to make your dreambusiness a FACT.

If you go for it, it will happen to you too.
(We can teach you how.)

-Dirk & Muriël

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3 online marketing tips 2014

Do You Wonder How To Advertise Your Business Online?



This info can be useful for

  • All people who have already a small or large online business (own products/ services or affiliate)
  • People who allready have a small or large offline business
  • Or people who are ready to start a biz


Tip #1. Build your own list (e-mail adresses of interested people) and use e-mail marketing to promote
Just think about Groupon.
We think that they have a very ugly website, but they collect millions of e-mail adresses. And they send offers. Offers that people are interested in.
We are positive that you or someone you know have bought something from Groupon 🙂

Don’t bother other people’s list. You really need your own.
Really try to connect with the people in your own list.
Let them get to know you (write blogs about yourself and your biz for example- and send them to your list!).
Let them trust you.
Give info about solving their problems.
Than the same people will take your great offers seriously!
Never ever SPAM!

Tip # 2. Use a strong blog to strengthen the position of your website in search engines

A website with ”build-in-SEO” is a static page.
And we are sure you pay your designer as well for it……

But Google is constantly changing the rules about ” What’s hot and what’s not”.

A strong blog will provide dynamic info about your business on the internet.
By blogging daily with keywords related to your biz, Search Engines will see your content as fresh.
So the position of your website will stay high if you make backlinks between your viral blog (with fresh content) and your website.
There you go 🙂 , is is as simple as that!
And blogging is a free way of how to advertise your business online

Tip #3. Use Social Media to promote your business online

You can use it also to reach more people without being their FB friend:

  • Join specific FB groups related to your business, it can provide you free advertisement.
  • Start a FB group and invite people to like it.
  • Start conversations with people in the groups that are related to your niche.
  • Be careful not to spam ! Than you will be kicked out of the groups,

or people will never ever read what you are writing about your biz.

People just don’t like it if they sense that someone is trying to sell or promote something to them.

So use good and ”smooth” marketing technics to promote your business online.

Using ”Dark Posts” on FB is a way of payed advertisement for your business.

Not a very familiar way for most people, but it can become your favorite tool of using Social Media for how to advertise your business online.
If you want more info, please write us a comment (scroll down).
We will be more than happy to tell you more!


Well, this is our information for now about
about how to advertise your business online.
We love to share more and we will!


– Dirk & Muriël

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The seven habbits of highly effective people. review

Reading Best Books is like feeding your brain with information

Reading everyday is done by most successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
Reading daily for at least half an hour is important to sharpen the brain.
It helps you to open the doors of your imagination, to think creative (using the right side of your brain) on your path of a successful person.
Its like building from the insight to make dreams come true in life.

This book is one of worlds favorites, also ours 🙂
and we just want that to share with you!

Why Stephen R. Covey is in the list of writers of Best Books

This book is not for nothing one of the most influential books ever written.
It provides a principle-centered approach for solving professional and personal problems.
He discribes other approaches that we see  people around us applying.
For example mony-centered, family-centered, work-centerd, self-centered, enemy-centered approaches of life. All success-limiting approaches according to this book …..

We are positive that new perspectives in how people observe and interact with others in different situations, can be changed for their own good and beloved ones.
If you need wisdom and power to change, and knowledge about fundamental principles of natural laws….this book will give you many ”Aha” moments!

Pointed anacdotes provides clear insights of his theories and he uses a step by step framework, ready to use in dayly life, in many different social roles in life.
Stephen R. Covey is master of the fundamentals, wich can bring you the key to success if you apply the beautiful and wise information proveded in his book.
Many business leaders, individuals and organizations over the world brought themselves to higher levels after reading and using it.This author writes and teaches about principle-centered living and priciple-centered leadership and made it his life’s work.

We really love this best seller and wished that we knew about this author before.

Hope you benefit from this tip!

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-Dirk & Muriël

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