The Power of Vision

The Importance of Vision


What Your Strong Vision Can Bring You In Your Biz

Setting goals is important,
but, people dont’t buy into your goals,

 They buy into your vision.

A vision creates a certain aura &
A vision speaks into other’s imagination.

When you can work with the imagination of people you have a very powerful tool!

(Why do you think that the lottery has a great and well created marketing in their back-office?
 > Because they stimulate people’s imagination ”What if I win……?”
Recognizable isn’t it?


Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisable For Others

You can see your goals as milestones along the way to accomplish something.
Your vision is the deeper ”Why” and will help you and others to go for it with inner power and belief.

At first,
it is important that your vision must inspire you before it can inspire somebody else ofcourse :-).

Then, create your vision and your Biz can reach higher levels.
People will be more attracted to it because their imagination can be activated by real vision!

By screeming for attention for your products
people rather run in staid of approach you… 🙁 …..

Look out for our next blogpost,
Where we will help you to create your vision.


Bye for now,

-Dirk & Muriël

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