Best Selling Books That Teach You How To Live Your Dream

Why do you think that ”The Alchemist”
– Paulo Coelho

has become one of people’s favorite
best selling books?

Because it is a story
about living your dream,
whatever your dream may be.


And when you start to focus on living that dream,
the path of life will bring you there.
As long as you keep your senses focussed
on all signs, information & idea’s to bring you to your goal.

The way Paulo Qoelho writes about this subject,
is completely our way of thinking.

Because it’s about making the descision/ intention
to go for something specific in life!

Children dream about what they would love
to become as grownups.
They believe their dreams will come true.
They still have a natural feeling about
magic thoughts and about the power of thoughts.

Adults seem te be forgotten to believe
that people really can live their dream.
The only thing is that they have to stick
to their plan and take action.

Most people ”get lost in life”,
in work, in living the way they used to live,
going from paycheck to paycheck.
They forget about their deeper wishes
and dreams to accomplish in life.

They seem to be forgotten
to be in charge of their life!

Is that how you want to live?
~ Like a ship with no captain?


Like a person with dreams and a
strong mindset to get there
& somebody who’s in charge of where to go to!
~ Like a ship with a strong captain
that will lead his ship to his destination!

Before you know it,
life is going to an end
and it is to late to start living your dream…

Did you know accomplishing high level goals in life
(for example becoming a famous actor,
or successful business-owner,
learning to ride a bike, pass the test enz)
is 90% based on mindset!

That means that working on
a very strong mindset
is an important fundament
to accomplish any goal.

So keep your focus on your dreams
and your wish to live them,
no matter what they are.

Think about the life you REALLY want to live,
Set your christal clear goals,
Read books,
Read every day for half an hour books

for your personal development.

This can help your mind to open up,
to recieve all information and inspiration

that you need to get that goal in life!

Believe in yourself and you will get there 🙂

We believe in you,


-Dirk & Muriël