Dirk & Muriël’s Love And Business Story

Dirk & Muriël’s Love And Business Story

This is the story about us.
and how our paths in life crossed eachother in love and business….

It all started like this
At first we were just colleagues.
We worked in the same grand cafe and we were both enjoying being happy single people.
No obligations, no kids.
Just having fun living, working in bars, party and hang around 🙂

We became friends after I broke my enkel in december 2000.
Dirk drove me a few times to the hospital for check ups and our friendship started to grow every ride.

And somehow, at Christmas Eve… BAM!
We fell in love.
Dirk was almost leaving for a long journey for 2 years around the world.
I always wanted to see the world.
He waited for me for a whole year to give me time to save up money to join him.
Isn’t that great??

We left for an amazing long journey in Azia,
starting on The Hague Central Station, going to Taskent, Uzbekistan. And we had time all time in the world to explore countries like Kyrgistan, Uzbekistan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodja, Bangladesh, India & Nepal
In one word WOW!

If I hadn’t broke my leg just before we fell in love,
I would be in Argentina the time he had left for his long journey. And we wouldn’t become a couple.
So I think that braking my leg had a reason.

                           2004, Dirk & Muriël Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

This all happened almost 14 years ago.
Time flies.


We got married in 2008,
just 1 day before we opened our restaurant Het Heden.

We didn’t work our whole career online.
We both were brought up with the example of offline work &

~find a job to secure your future
~work hard and make long hours
~make a safe fundament for a family with a sucure job
~start a family
~live your life
~in between maybe going on holidays (if the bills allow it)
~and finally hope that you are healthy enough to enjoy your pension
  enjoy life as it comes to you
  because life is as it is,
  and be happy with it ….

I (Muriël) always worked, since 1993,
as a social worker
in many different fields in the social niche because

I love to guide and coach different people,
all with different stories.
And I feel passionate to empower others & help people develop skills to live an independent happy life.

So that’s what I did, for years,
doing the work I love for non profit organisation.


It payes a very low salary,
although the work is tough, and not without safety risks.
Most of my clients have
unpredictable behaviour, multiplex problems
and intellectual disabilities.
Some of them also were convicted criminals & using drugs.


Dirk finished social studies, like me, but he ended up working in bars and restaurants.
He started his first own business lunch-room Lapsang in 2005.
In 2008 we started a large restaurant (200 couverts) Het Heden in the centre of The Hague and sold the lunchroom.


In the time of starting Lapsang
our daughter was 9 months old.
Our son Nick was born in 2009,
when Het Heden was a growing business
for about 15 months.
With ups and downs both businesses became successful.
But the price was high.

Dirk worked around the clock and
starting to miss his family a lot.

And the kids missed him too.
Also the physical part of being a restaurant owner
has its price.
But having a successful business in times
of economic crisis
and to feel passionate about the restaurant
was the drive to go on.

Buying another restaurant unfortunately
didn’t work out so well
  🙁  .
In 2013 Dirk took a risky decision
to buy a large restaurant near by Het Heden.
Well, this ended up as a disaster and
as a large financial mistake.
Somehow the success of this place stayed away
and the bills were piling up and also customers stayed away.


For a crazy low price, €1,-
we sold this new place to save Het Heden from getting down.

Het Heden survived, but with the financial status of 5 years back in time with more than $ 200.000 of debts.

Again (first was breaking my leg
and not going to Argentina), something bad leaded us to something good
We searched on the internet for online opportunities
to save our family from a financial distaster
losing our house, our car, our independency
when we almost went bankrupt.

We found this company with an interesting system
that changed our future perspectives
and that of our children!

In 2013 Dirk and I started to learn about online marketing,
and how to apply it in our restaurant
to get more customers.
And it worked amazingly well.


To take steps outside of our comfortzones,
I quess we needed to be in a situation that is very, very bad.

Well, believe me…..
We were in a very bad and stressful situation,
coping with huge financial crisis and dealing with a lot of stress, sleepless nights and getting many grey hairs.


Then someting completely new came along,
and we grabbed it with both hands!
It was shortley after the launch of a new American company.
Something we never thought about doing before.

We started an online marketing business,
selling products online thanks to a blogplatform, including their trainings and leverage system!

(Check it with your own eyeballs here)

When you are used to work long hours,
having high debts having a (low)salary
and little free time,
and if you are to much away from home missing your kids like us,
probably know how we felt.

For us it was a strange,
but happy step to take into the online world.

We started partime with building our online success.
And we started to learn new things online,
implementated those technics in our business
and voila!

There was a brandnew stream of
passive income through the internet.
It made us stronger when we expanded
our financial perspectives.

We now fight back our finacial disaster.

We feel powerful and financial independent
with the ability of making money online and
see our business to grow every week.

In our online business we work
around the scedules of our children
We can work whenever we want.
We write our own paychecks.
That is one of the great advantages about online marketing.
And we can work whenever we want,
so no more rush hours in traffic.

To make a long story short,
We learned from our mistakes, we
stepped out of our comfortzones and
developped ourselves in a brand new business
It gives us a passive income.
It makes us happy and gives us fun (again).

I almost cannot believe it is our story 🙂
But it is!

Do you also want to work with
the same platform as we do?
Changing your life perspectives?

Here is how we do it,
Testdrive the system & see if it’s right for you.

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~ Dirk and Muriël

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~ Dirk and Muriël
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And nothing else matters


This is my family in Sardinië, september 2013.
They are the most important people in the world for me.
And nothing else matters more to me than their health, future and happiness.
I love to spend as much time as I can to be with them.

Love to hang around with them,
Love to laugh and to cry with them,
Love to make great memories with them while traveling around the world …..
I love to bring my children to school every single morning and I love to be there for them when they need me.

If you saw an opportunity to spend more time with the people you love, would you take it?
And if I would tell you that this could be the way to create that opportunity ?
What would you do?
Your desk could be everywhere, whenever there is a laptop and internet……..

And only a few hours a day would be enough to do some work…….
Being able to work around their time-schedules.
AND your money would also fly to your bank account !

You would feel like a *  *  *  *  when you would say NO to that opportunity.

When people laugh at me when they hear my story about making money online, and nothing else matters than my decision to be successful.

My vision is:
Live today like it’s your last day of your life!
Do the things that REALLY make you happy.
Live the lifestyle you want and deserve.
Don’t hate,
but spread love around and give to others.
Don’t cry about what is going wrong in your life,
but fight for your dreams.
And take ACTION NOW  to accomplish your goals in life
and nothing else matters……
But ok,
if you want to work hard and spend more time at work for a lousy salary,
with no energy left to have fun with your friends and family.
Don’t dream your life, but live your dream and take action!

If you are really attached to your financial problems.
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Wake up!!
Life is to short.
Life has great opportunities,
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Muriël (& Dirk)


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Dirk & Muriël

Never give up 2

Never give up.

It’s a title I used before, but it just crossed my mind….again. Because it is what I’m doing.

People never fail, they only quit, they only give up.

And where I’m today is because I never give up.

One of my businesses went bankrupt and it almost lost it all. There where times I thought that there was no way out. 

And if you think of it? What was the worst thing that could happen?

I was afraid!

Afraid of losing everything.

But was I?

I mean, I could have lost my business, but I would still have me.

And my family.

And my Health.


So what was I worried about?


Afraid of losing that what was so familiar. Afraid of the unknown.

And because I never give up, I managed to survive, of course. And it brought me only good things. It brought me closer to my family. It made me value life itself so much more and it made me think about what I really want out of that life.

I never want to experience that kind of stress or fear again, but because I went through it and because what I know now, I know I never will.

It made me search for new ways of making money, because I still wanted more for my family. It made me start my online business.

I found this, what I think, great opportunity online. A way of building a business and still have a life. Still have that time to spend with my loved ones.

I didn’t know anything about internet marketing and look at us now.

I don’t know where you are in life right know, but we can help you. No matter what.

I won’t pitch you. I mean if you want to no what business I’m in, click on the banners besides this blog. Today I’m not selling you anything here, I just wanted to share this story with you and I want you to never give up on your dreams.

Everything is possible.

Talk to you soon.

Dirk (& Muriël)