How to make money on the internet


You can make money on the internet by promoting someone else’s products or services: you become an affiliate.
It is a convenient, because you do not have to carry any inventory at all.

It is easy to become affiliate of many companies. Many people buy their products online, like clothes, tools, books, computers and a world full of other products is for sell online. So there is a large variety of what you can sell with your affiliate links. Companies wants to pay you to get them new customers so there is your change to make online money.
By using your website/ blog/page to promote affiliate advertisements, your affiliate link provides you an amount of the cost of the product.
But, be careful:
Avoid looking spammy, but use strong and interesting content.
After setting up many strong pages with your advertisements,
and by creating lot’s of traffic on the internet (so custumers will find your blog/ website/page)
your online passife income stream is running!
There are many tips and trics to learn how to make high commissions and best ways of getting traffic.


Blogging creates free traffic on the internet (the use of a viral blog is a great way to do this).
And traffic on the internet are the roads to your business or producs that you want to bring your customers to. To sell more this way (is an indirect way) how you can make money on the internet.
When you advertise and sell affiliate products on your blogpost, it will be a direct way of how you can make money on the internet.

A blog is ”a mini website” on wich you change the content as much as you can. Blog daily is a great way to keep the content attractive for example Google.
When customers use keywords that is related to your blogsubject, they have found you!
A ‘’normal’’ website is more or less a static page.
While Google is changing regularly what will be high ranked in the search machine, you can use your blog to advertise and be found in Google the search engine.
This is the Viral blog I am using………click here



This is a cheap way compared to giving seminars:
you do not have to pay a location.
It is a convenient way for your visitors, because they can stay home and watch your presentation on their computer online.
This way you can advertise for a large audience without even leaving your house!
You can also record yourself while talkin about a specific subject.
When you are specialised in a certain subject that others would be willing to pay for….
There you go! You can create a learning product and post it on your website.
And this way you make money on the internet to.



To learn more about how to make money on the internet you can look on the internet.
You can look for the answers on Google.
You will find many different video’s, tutorials and more information to choose from.
And it probably will take you a lot of time to select best information.

This system will bring you the E learning products you can use to make that money.

And we will contact you, on the insight.



Dirk and Muriël