How to attract customers to your business (online and offline) -2-


  • Time is changing and you really have to keep up with new things the internet is bringing you and your business.
  • Many people are basing their buying decisions at what they can find on the internet.
  • Before people decide to buy, they check out a companies name on the internet!
  • People love to watch video because people just love entertainment
    You Tube is a great way of attracting customers to your business




Is your business marketing effective enough to attract (new) customers?
Do you use social media to promote your business and connect with people?
Many business owners around us do not use social media like You Tube effectively.
And we regret that, because our experience is that You Tube is a great way to get traffic on the internet. (Traffic is : Internet roads that brings people to your business.)



Why YouTube?


YouTube is the 3rd largest website in the world behind Facebook and Google in terms of number of visits per day. People just love entertainment and that is what You Tube is all about. In 2012 You Tube had more than a trillion vieuws, from people situated in about 40 countries and in across 55 languages with hundreds of illions new users each month!
A great free opportunity to show your business to the world is just there, ready for you to use it.
What are you waiting for?


  • Keep it simple and unique
    People love to see authenticity. They rather see somebody making a video who is really himself than trying to appear other as he really is.
    People love to see you move and hear you talk. This helps to give people the feeling they know you. That is an important basics for people to buy the things you have to offer.
  • Use keywords that rank high in seach engines like Google and Yahoo.
    This is a very important action you should take.
    Learn and read about how to make a perfect Search Engine Opimization  in the description of your video. Google adwords is an example of a programm that can help you with finding them.
  • Implement your You Tube video in a content foundation.
    Like in an article and write 300-600 words about your video messages.
    Or like we do…. implement it in a Viral blogpost. This is als an effective way to create traffic on the internet. Use them together and you reach more people.
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It is all about giving your customers an attractive message.
And video is a compelling way for people to get your business related message.
And you use one of world most popular media by shooting your You Tube video’s.

We hope that we gave you some inspirations to go for.
And we wish your all success with your business.


Dirk and Muriël