How to attract customers to your business (online and offline) -1-

Nurture the online reputation of your business &
Use a modern tool to attract them……


We are sure that you cannot deny that the Internet has drastically dominated the way in which information is shared, and has had a profound impact on marketing.

You can see your weblog as your dynamic website, wich you give regularly (daily would be best) fresh and unique content.
By creating backlinks in your blogpost to your website, your website is able to stay on the same position in the search engines as your viral weblog.

If you think that a great website will bring you new customers, you are missing a large part of the picture here.
A great website is a static way of promoting your business, but it simply is not able to compete with the changing rules of the search engines.
One day you can be in the top 10 in Google, next day you might be on page 45.
A strong combination is to enbed your businessrelated You Tube video in your blogpost.

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About us and why we are helping others

We have our  businesses since 2005. Offline but since a few months also online.
The basics are the same. A business needs customers.
If you are able to give customers want they need, they will stay with you and bring you the success you want. That is our experience.
But know how customers can find you!

We think that helping others brings people to a higher lever too.
Teaching what you have learned yourself is proven to work that way.

You do not have to make the same mistakes as we did.
We love to share oure knowledge with you.
The market is large enough, really. And good competition keeps us fresh and motivated to keep up with new inspiration.

If you keep your eye on your inbox you will will share much more to help you.

Bye for now,    
Dirk & Muriël
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