How Consistency Will Help You To Get There

How Consistency Will Help You To Get There

I have met a lot of people
who started something and then halfway they quit.



They where not consistent.
They tried this and they tried that,
but in the end nothing worked.

I know what that it’s like, especially online.
But first I want to tell you a story about my offline life.

I tried a lot of things
and there were a lot of things
I didn’t succeed in.
But the few major things I wanted I got.


I was consistent.
I opened two restaurants and in both cases
people laught at me, telling me that it was not possible.

But I succeeded!



Just because I never gave up on my dream
and because I believed in it.

Trust me,
I cried on the door step of the restaurant
not knowing what to do or where to begin.
But there was always a next day.

Now it’s time to tell you the story about my online business.
Having a restaurant means hard fysical work,
long hours and no free time!

And having a family with two kids changed everything.
Me and my wife Muriël now
want to create a different lifestyle for our family.
And that brought us to the internet.


I don’t want to miss the best quality hours
with our kids anymore!
Never wished for working 7 days a week,
although it’s our own business
My body is just so tired after spending time running around for years in the restaurant.


I tried many things,
because if you search the internet
there are so many websites
that tell that they have the answer.
making fast money….yeah, right !

After a lot of mistakes and a lot of money
I found a way to create an extra income online.
A way that was easy to understand and work with
and at the same time
I could boost my restaurant business
in the meanwhile.

Win Win!

Many times I wanted to give up,
but as they say
“Ones you stratch, you will not be able to go back to your original form” .
So there is no way back for me.

Why Consistency?

Again, people laughed at me starting online.
Again people said that it was not possible.
But again, I stayed consistence.
And I succeeded! 
But because I’m not at the top yet
I’ll keep on going until I am :-),
together with Muriël

Consistency, how to become consistent?


Ones you start to explore the internet
you’ll come across a lot of opportunities.
Ones you find the opportunity that suites you,
stay with it and focus and make a succes out of it.
Besides that you need the proper training and education.


If you want to learn more about how you can use the same vehicle we are using online.

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After getting in
we will contact you wthin 24 hours for a private call
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required info.

Looking forward meeting you 🙂

Talk soon,

~ Dirk and Muriël
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Three secret steps on how to start a blog

How to start your blog.

We always thought that starting a blog was difficult. You have to know how to build a website. You need to know everything about coding.

The other options were to outsource it. Have somebody else do the work for you. But then you spend hundreds of dollars. And if you just started, that is not encouraging.

So? What are your options than? I’ll come back to that later, first things first.

I promised I share three simple steps with you how to start you blog


The first step is:

Decide what you want to blog about. Pick one topic that your are realy passioned about.

Why? Because you want to create an audience, you want people to follow your work and comment on your articles

Pick a topic that suites you. A topic that you realy love and know a lot about. If people come to you blog they come there with a purpose, to learn about something the where surging for. And if your blog is about a thousand things, your are not easy to follow.

Pick one topic and you’ll be the expert.


The second step is:

Choose a custom domain name.

An domain name or Url or webadress is just like a real adress, your home adress. I the offline world, if you give people your adress, they’ll know where you live.

It’s the same thing on the internet. Ther are many places where you can buy your domainname. Personaly I buy my domains at Hostgator. It is a proces that is not difficult, the website will guide you through it. If you click on “domains” you’ll find a search bar. There you can type in your domain ideas and hostgator will check if it is available.


The third step:

You need a Viral Blogging System or a so called VBS.

If you start your own blog. Lets say that you build your own WordPress blog and you started blogging. Before your blogs are found by other people through Google you have to make sure that you SEO is right. You have to create so called “backlinks”. That are links on authority websites (site that Google see as very important) create a lot of content and more links and before you know, you are a year futher.

You don’t want that. A lot of people quit before that year is over and I don’t want you to quit, I want you tou succeed.

So, what is this VBS? and why do you need one versus a ordinairy wordpress blog.

You need a VBS because it is easy to use, it is set up in about three minutes. And you can use the leverage the power of blogging in a community. And this is what makes your content to go viral.

And why do you need a viral blogging system? Well the central purpose of a viral blog is to help bloggers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers an other E commerce businesses adequately and rapidly advertize there product or services online. It is also recommended for smaller businesses for growing a locale audience or even to create  global followers.

Everything is already done for you. It is literally set upin minutes.

The only thing you have to do is to create good and unique content and can start to make money with your blog.

You know what to do, go here

and start blogging for your life 🙂

~Dirk and Muriel





Time to change

Are you sick and tired not making ends meet?

I’m standing here in the nice spring sunshine, waiting for my kids to come out of school.

I’m happy and lucky that I can stand here. Because what I noticed is that there also a lot of au-pairs picking up kids and afterschool daycare picking up kids. Where are the parents? I mean I’m not here to jugde, but I prefer to spend time with my family and not only in the weekends and holidays.

The parents are probably working hard, so there children can have what they need. They save up for there holidays. 

I lived my life the way I didn’t want for a long time, without knowing. and now it’s time to change.


Time to change

After my challenge last year at one point I decided that it was enough, it was time to change. I also was somebody who didn’t got to see his kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I did. And everybody around me was so impressed and proud. But after all these years of hard working I’m not able to stop.

What did I do to change?

I started looking around me and I saw other people, younger people living the lifestyle I wanted ( seen from the outside of course)

My kids still learn on school that they have to finish it and look foor a job. Why? Why aren’t they also tought the other possibilities. The option of creating your own business and there your own financial freedom if done with the right knowledge.

The solution.

There is no reason for you to work hard. What I learned is that you have to work clever.

Th internet is a great place to earn money. You can create passive income streams and make use of leverage. But it is very important that you have the right vehicle, proper training and the right education. And very important, the right people around you. If so, everybody can learn how to make money on the internet.

I have chosen to change my life.

Do you want to know how I earn money on the internet and created more freedom for me and my family?  click the button below.




My ten favorite movies of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman.

I have always been a fan. And to my great suprise, he was found dead in his apartment in New York. On the 2 of februari Philip died of an overdose.

I can think of so many movie with him starring in it, But her ar a couple I liked the most.

The talented mister ripley 1998

before the knows your dead 2007


owning mahowny 2003

doubt 2008

charly wilson’s war 2007

the master 2012

capote 2005


almost famous 1998


magnolia 1999


boogie nights 1997


There are so many more.

Thank you Philip Seymour Hoffman for all your beautifull work. I hope you find peace.



My story

My story


Hi, welcome. as you know my name is Dirk and today I want to tell you a little about myself.

It’s just a little story, but no worries, there are more video’s to come.

It’s the story about how I got to that point that I discovered that things had to change. It’s a story about why I joined.

I want more for my family. Working 90 hours a week is not of this time. It’s 2014! So stop doing that and start to discover a new way of thinking!


See you soon