list building tip nr 3: Be yourself


Stay human, get human attention


When you are running or starting up an Internet marketing business, you need to remember that people are not leads. Really, they are people and if you don’t approach them with the intention of helping them, they will not be likely to bother noticing you. So, just remember that you are dealing with real people.


Be honest, be helpful, and most of all be you. It will be that much better for you and for everyone in the end. Helping does not mean that it has to be free, but the fact remains that you are offering something that can make life easier for your audience.


Give aways


Everybody  loves  free  stuff. Whatever type of business you have, it pays to give some stuff or services away. Think about it, there must be something you can give away to people. It’s a effective way to get people to sign up. 

Tempting visitors by giving them a taste is as old a marketing strategy as marketing itself.  If the visitors are suitably impressed, then you can be quite sure that they will opt into your list.

The free Ebook I gave you is an example of what you can do.

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