list building tip nr 2: Make a proper squeeze page.

Make a proper squeeze page. 

A squeeze page or landingspage is a simple straightforward web page built with the intention of getting the visitors to give you their email addresses (an action known as “optin”).

A squeeze page is not a page for selling your products, a squeeze page is whare you “squeeze” the email addresses, and not money, out of visitors.

The actual promotion links for sales and purchases come later.

On the squeeze page you let people know what you have to offer and what they can expect.

Think of it as posting the headlines and first few lines of the newspaper.


Avoid video and music on your squeeze pages


Why  is  this  so, you  ask? Isn’t  video  a  good  way  of  generating  leads and convincing visitors?  Well, yes, but think about where you put it!

Most people who visit your squeeze page and opt-in are the impulsive type.  That also means that they are not exactly patient.  Even with high speed broadband  that  is  available  nowadays,  people  still do  not  like waiting for anything to load if they are not sure they want it.

By keeping your squeeze pages free of videos or other heavy data, you will allow it to load quickly and cleanly. Your visitors can get to read the important points right away, and they will opt in while their attentions are still there. 

Personally I sometimes break this rule just to experiment, but one of my best converting squeeze page is this one …..with no video whatsoever.

Dirk & Muriël

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