list building tip nr 1

A great way to build an email list is to start blogging. Starting  a  blog  of  your  own  can  be  easy  or  difficult,  depending  on  how  you  go  about  it.

There are different ways to start a blog.


WordPress   is   one   such   tool   of  choice. It works on plug-­‐ins and templates, so you can create a customized look without the problems that go with all the coding that you would need otherwise.

Personally, I use a blogging platform where you get a pre-setup blog. You don’t have to know any coding or knowledge about building a website. And because it’s within a platform that has a lot of “authority” on the internet according Google, your blogs will rank high in the search engines.

Where WordPress is free, this viral blogging system costs $25 a month. You can blog under your own domainname and you can create 10 different blogs. This means that you can grow your business in many ways.

If you want to learn more about this blogging platform? go here

Starting a blog is, ofcourse, not enough. You should blog daily in order to create followers. That means that you will be generating leads and adding peopleto your list every day.

Very important is to stay relevant.    


Whether you are posting blog entries or sending e-­‐mails to the addresses on your list, you need to stay on topic – that is, maintain focus on the very thing that got people interested in you in the first place. When you stray too far from the topic of interest, people will start skipping over what you send them.

Sure, it’s okay to make a few side mentions, but overall you need to stay on track.

Thanks for reading, go here for tip number two!


Dirk& Muriël