15 reasons why you are not successful

15 reasons why you are not as succesfull as you want to be.

I admit, success is for every body different. But if you want to be successful in a certain skill, in a certain bussines you have to go for it and really want it.

6 month ago I started my online business and I was focussing on a few things, I was:

  • Reading every day
  • listening to audio’s of succesful people
  • I was going to events (not the right ones I know no_
  • I was surrounding myself with the “right” people
  • and most of all, I took action and worked hard

But, I was not where I wanted to be. do you recognize this?

I had a talk with an entrepreneur, who happens to a friend and in the end I came up with 15 reasons why thing didn’t go as planned.

I hope you will benefit from this video and that you will reach your goals.

There is a 16th reason…

You need the proper training.

If you are interested in making money online and be the designer of you own life this is where you can get the proper training, nomatter what business your in.


If I can help with something let me know

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