Whats Your Excuse

Whats your excuse Start now!

2014 is going to be my year.


Because I took action, I made a decision. Many people around me are curious about what I’m doing, about how I earn money online.

I tell them about it, I tell them exactly what I do and about the fact that 6 month ago I didn’t know anything about making money online. Today I build landingpages, put solo adds online and I love it and make money.

People want to start, but then comes the excuse.


Whats your excuse

Whats your excuse in 2014? On the first day of the year we all have our resolutions written down on a peace of paper. But most of them disappear in the first few weeks and at the end of februari we lost the paper and the resolutions with it.

It’s all about acting with strong determination. You start and you don’t stop untill your there.

I practice Vipassana meditation. On a 10 day course, there are always three sittings of one hour where you sit with strong determination. You start the meditation in a comfortable posture and ones you start, you will not change that posture. No matter what happens, not even when you have an itch or if your legs starts to hurt. Everything comes and everything goes. Also the itch, also the pain.

And also in your quest for succes you will find obstacles, but know that they also will go away.

Remenber: It’s always darkest before dawn!

So, whats your excuse? for not getting what you really want.

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What are you waiting for? You know you want more out of life!