The Power Of Thought

The Power Of Thought

“One of the most common causes of failure
is the habit of quiting when one is overtaken
by temporary setback” .

~ Napoleon Hill

I think we all recognize ourselves in there.
I know I do.
You start a new project and you are
very enthousiastic.
But then after a while you experience
a few major setbacks and your thoughts will tell “
You see it doesn’t work, you should quit etc etc.
That is even stronger
when people arround you critcize what you do.


Your thoughts can be your worst enemy,
but if that is possible then they can also
be your best friend.


Feed your mind with the right stuff.
I for example,
never listen to the news in the morning.
It’s always bad news and that would be
the mindset I created in the morning.
Not very wise.


How can you influence your thought?
First of all you have to
have your goals straight.
Know what you want,
that helps to stay focused

But besides that you have to:

  • Surround yourself with the right people. People who are open for change, people that will inspire you and help you instead of citicie you.
  • Read the right material. Read every day and educate yourself


If you educate yourself
you’ll grow and if you grow &
you’ll get stronger.


Talk to you soon


Dirk & Muriel