list building tip nr 3: find your audience


Facebook, twitter and many other social networking services are great because you can do a lot of different things on them. Still, if the point is to build up your list, you have to remember to make it interesting, especially towards the target audience.

On Facebook you have to join groups within your niche. It’s a great way to promote your product. Very important is that you don’t only pitch. Give aways are in place here. In this you have a very targeted audience.

On Twitter you deal with micro format, witch is actually pretty useful. In fact, if you do it right, you can use this to get some real time leverage for your business.  

You can use the framework to drive people to your squeeze page, or use it to make announcements of new blog posts. Of course, at its core you can use it to meet new people who are interested in the goods or services that you can offer.

list building tip nr 3: Be yourself


Stay human, get human attention


When you are running or starting up an Internet marketing business, you need to remember that people are not leads. Really, they are people and if you don’t approach them with the intention of helping them, they will not be likely to bother noticing you. So, just remember that you are dealing with real people.


Be honest, be helpful, and most of all be you. It will be that much better for you and for everyone in the end. Helping does not mean that it has to be free, but the fact remains that you are offering something that can make life easier for your audience.


Give aways


Everybody  loves  free  stuff. Whatever type of business you have, it pays to give some stuff or services away. Think about it, there must be something you can give away to people. It’s a effective way to get people to sign up. 

Tempting visitors by giving them a taste is as old a marketing strategy as marketing itself.  If the visitors are suitably impressed, then you can be quite sure that they will opt into your list.

The free Ebook I gave you is an example of what you can do.

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list building tip nr 2: Make a proper squeeze page.

Make a proper squeeze page. 

A squeeze page or landingspage is a simple straightforward web page built with the intention of getting the visitors to give you their email addresses (an action known as “optin”).

A squeeze page is not a page for selling your products, a squeeze page is whare you “squeeze” the email addresses, and not money, out of visitors.

The actual promotion links for sales and purchases come later.

On the squeeze page you let people know what you have to offer and what they can expect.

Think of it as posting the headlines and first few lines of the newspaper.


Avoid video and music on your squeeze pages


Why  is  this  so, you  ask? Isn’t  video  a  good  way  of  generating  leads and convincing visitors?  Well, yes, but think about where you put it!

Most people who visit your squeeze page and opt-in are the impulsive type.  That also means that they are not exactly patient.  Even with high speed broadband  that  is  available  nowadays,  people  still do  not  like waiting for anything to load if they are not sure they want it.

By keeping your squeeze pages free of videos or other heavy data, you will allow it to load quickly and cleanly. Your visitors can get to read the important points right away, and they will opt in while their attentions are still there. 

Personally I sometimes break this rule just to experiment, but one of my best converting squeeze page is this one …..with no video whatsoever.

Dirk & Muriël

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list building tip nr 1

A great way to build an email list is to start blogging. Starting  a  blog  of  your  own  can  be  easy  or  difficult,  depending  on  how  you  go  about  it.

There are different ways to start a blog.


WordPress   is   one   such   tool   of  choice. It works on plug-­‐ins and templates, so you can create a customized look without the problems that go with all the coding that you would need otherwise.

Personally, I use a blogging platform where you get a pre-setup blog. You don’t have to know any coding or knowledge about building a website. And because it’s within a platform that has a lot of “authority” on the internet according Google, your blogs will rank high in the search engines.

Where WordPress is free, this viral blogging system costs $25 a month. You can blog under your own domainname and you can create 10 different blogs. This means that you can grow your business in many ways.

If you want to learn more about this blogging platform? go here

Starting a blog is, ofcourse, not enough. You should blog daily in order to create followers. That means that you will be generating leads and adding peopleto your list every day.

Very important is to stay relevant.    


Whether you are posting blog entries or sending e-­‐mails to the addresses on your list, you need to stay on topic – that is, maintain focus on the very thing that got people interested in you in the first place. When you stray too far from the topic of interest, people will start skipping over what you send them.

Sure, it’s okay to make a few side mentions, but overall you need to stay on track.

Thanks for reading, go here for tip number two!


Dirk& Muriël



Make your biggest wish your biggest desire


Desire: “a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen”


We all wish for things to happen, but most of the time they don’t. Most certainly not if we wish for more business or lets say a better life style.

But how do we get the things we want in life? do you keep wishing?

You have to transform your wish into a desire a real desire!

There are different ways to do that. Your ubconciouse mind has to be convinced that your desire is already existing, it is already the truth.

Then all the universe will open up for you and provide! That sounds weird doesn’t it? Well I like to think that your mind is more open to see the opportunities that are there.

By only wishing for a chance, you know that nothing will happen. Most people fear to lose what they have and not what they don’t have.

What mediation learned me is that everythings come and goes. Everuthing, good and bad!

Great isn’t it?

so, if you want something different, do something different!


Dirk & Muriël

15 reasons why you are not successful

15 reasons why you are not as succesfull as you want to be.

I admit, success is for every body different. But if you want to be successful in a certain skill, in a certain bussines you have to go for it and really want it.

6 month ago I started my online business and I was focussing on a few things, I was:

  • Reading every day
  • listening to audio’s of succesful people
  • I was going to events (not the right ones I know no_
  • I was surrounding myself with the “right” people
  • and most of all, I took action and worked hard

But, I was not where I wanted to be. do you recognize this?

I had a talk with an entrepreneur, who happens to a friend and in the end I came up with 15 reasons why thing didn’t go as planned.

I hope you will benefit from this video and that you will reach your goals.

There is a 16th reason…

You need the proper training.

If you are interested in making money online and be the designer of you own life this is where you can get the proper training, nomatter what business your in.


If I can help with something let me know

See you soon,



Whats Your Excuse

Whats your excuse Start now!

2014 is going to be my year.


Because I took action, I made a decision. Many people around me are curious about what I’m doing, about how I earn money online.

I tell them about it, I tell them exactly what I do and about the fact that 6 month ago I didn’t know anything about making money online. Today I build landingpages, put solo adds online and I love it and make money.

People want to start, but then comes the excuse.


Whats your excuse

Whats your excuse in 2014? On the first day of the year we all have our resolutions written down on a peace of paper. But most of them disappear in the first few weeks and at the end of februari we lost the paper and the resolutions with it.

It’s all about acting with strong determination. You start and you don’t stop untill your there.

I practice Vipassana meditation. On a 10 day course, there are always three sittings of one hour where you sit with strong determination. You start the meditation in a comfortable posture and ones you start, you will not change that posture. No matter what happens, not even when you have an itch or if your legs starts to hurt. Everything comes and everything goes. Also the itch, also the pain.

And also in your quest for succes you will find obstacles, but know that they also will go away.

Remenber: It’s always darkest before dawn!

So, whats your excuse? for not getting what you really want.

Here is the link to a great opportunity

What are you waiting for? You know you want more out of life!



Online Home Business Tips That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Online Home Business Tips That Will Improve Your Lifestyle

Numerous individuals think that it hard to get jobs nowadays. Organizations are employing less because of expenses and even now and again terminating at present representatives simply to stay ready to go. In a business sector where jobs are rare, there are just a couple of options. One of these is the online home business.
Just a couple of tips

Marketable strategy / business plan

Create a strategy for success. When you have an plan and write it down, you feel more organized as well as it helps your brain to create extraordinary plans. When you know it, you’ll be thinking of numerous kinds of creative approaches to improve your business, that you might never have considered, in the event that you hadn’t put your arrangement on paper.

Do not forget about taxes! When you are running a home business, it is easy to put aside the thought of paying the government.  


Know where to focus.

Residual income  is key regardless of what way you take a gander at running a home based business. When you have clients who pay bills on a leftover premise then you need to do everything in your energy to hold those clients. When you require clients to come back to your business, then you have to concentrate on client fulfillment. Residual income and repeat customers are a main focus.

As with any other business venture, when building a online home business you need to cultivate your inner networks. A considerable measure of times, people under-estimate the power of networks. Distinguish your system of key associates and coaches with which you have fabricated a strong relationship. This internal system could be an incredible wellspring of help, bearing and aid as you are improving your home business. Recall, those in your internal system additionally have their inward system; along these lines, having an inward system of seven person, who each one have a system of seven individuals, confers exponential development to your system.

As expressed in the recent past, it is hard for many people to get jobs. Companies hire less and even fire people to keep their businesses alive. Though, there are a few alternatives to this, one of them being the home business.
But where to start? Building a online home business can be overwhelming.
I see many people quit or not even starting, because they think they don’t have what it takes.
Everybody can learn how to make money on the internet. The secret is to have the right vehicle to start your business.

This is the Vehicle I utilized and I don’t need to search for an job. her is no use fot sitting out the crisis. Start now!




The Power Of Thought

The Power Of Thought

“One of the most common causes of failure
is the habit of quiting when one is overtaken
by temporary setback” .

~ Napoleon Hill

I think we all recognize ourselves in there.
I know I do.
You start a new project and you are
very enthousiastic.
But then after a while you experience
a few major setbacks and your thoughts will tell “
You see it doesn’t work, you should quit etc etc.
That is even stronger
when people arround you critcize what you do.


Your thoughts can be your worst enemy,
but if that is possible then they can also
be your best friend.


Feed your mind with the right stuff.
I for example,
never listen to the news in the morning.
It’s always bad news and that would be
the mindset I created in the morning.
Not very wise.


How can you influence your thought?
First of all you have to
have your goals straight.
Know what you want,
that helps to stay focused

But besides that you have to:

  • Surround yourself with the right people. People who are open for change, people that will inspire you and help you instead of citicie you.
  • Read the right material. Read every day and educate yourself


If you educate yourself
you’ll grow and if you grow &
you’ll get stronger.


Talk to you soon


Dirk & Muriel