Desire, you can’t go without it.

What is your desire?

Many times I hear people around me talk about the dream holiday they would like to have. Or if they have just been on a holiday, I hear them talk about how bad they want to go back. But they can’t, they are not allowed, they have to go to there job, they have a boss!

Not so long ago I ran into a friend. I hadn’t seen her for a long time. We use to fool around, years ago. No she has a family, a little daugther who is growing up, her husband who has no job, is a DJ on the side and thats how he makes his money in the weekends. And I think she works in a clothing store.

She knows what I’m doing. I’m creating passive income streams online for me and my family.

She didn’t!

She told me that they have big financial problems, but “the thing” that I was doing on the internet was not something for them. Making money on the internet….not possible, that is for other people.

You know, if you think like that, yes it probably won’t work for you. You will start and with the first setback you’ll say “you see I was right!”

I always say ” I they can do it, I can do it. I’ll find a way!


Your desire is the fruit of everything

Three important principles are in order here.

It all starts with a strong desire. And not just a “I wish” but a real undeniable desire!

Second: You have to have faith, some people call it believe. You have to believe that it is possible to achieve what you want.

Third: If your desire is strong enough and your faith as well, you’ll take action, massive action. It’s also called the point where you make a decision.


But of cours, if you rather keep doing what you do, it’s oke. Some people need a boss.

Maybe this helps: What would your life look like if money and time where now object?