4 Steps to affiliate success: Step 4, promote your product

Step 4 How to promote your product.

Before we go deeper in this subject I just want to share this with you;

Only promote what you believe in!


  • Get access first,
  • Buy it or ask for a review copy
  • Contact the vendors through contact pages or affiliate pages

Why? Know what you’re selling

Try to get results yourself

  • That makes your reviews more believable and compelling
  • They can be used for content
  • They can be used for bonuses ( I come back on this later)


How to promote through your platform

There are many ways to promote  your products. But we are just covering these:

  • Banner ads
  • Promotions to your list/social media
  • Reviews
  • Bonuses
  • Recommended page
  • In-Content Referrals


Promote through banner ads:

They are the easiest way to promote, but the least effective method.

You can get the banners from the vendor’s affiliate page or you create your own. ( be careful with changing logo’s and copyrights, check with the vendor)

A great place to have a awesome banner created is fiverr.com (everything for $5)

If you are going to work with banner ads, make sure that they stand out


Promote through in-Content Referrals

This is where you briefly mention your product in the content, but not a full review

For example:

First I had know visitors to my website and now everything changed. I followed the 90 days plan of Empower Network (link) It was so easy and the results are there.


 I’m excited to tell you that I have the sixpack I have always wanted and it was easier than I thought. I just did the super shake workout (affiliate link) for 2 hours a day and  Tadaaaa!

 A disclaimer is in place here!

 Teach a skill or share an outcome, then recommend a product to assist with it.


Promote through reviews:

 Pre-sell the product

 If you have an audience that trust you, they will buy from you if you recommend it.

 A few tips:

  • Be honest, transparent and specific
  •  Cover the good and the bad
  • Talk about who it’s right for and who it’s not
  • Share your specific results, if possible
  • If not, tie back to your own experience ( “This would have been great when I was learning…….”)


Use multiple format options like:

Text, video, audio, email


Promote through bonuses

  • Bonusses add more value and protect the sale
  • It is a great way to get prospects off the fence and start buying from you (especially if there is a time limit on the bonus)
  • It makes your audience love you even more!
  • Protect your commission (ask buyers to email their receipt to you to verify they bought through your link)
  •  Add even more value to the product, making your readers more likely to achieve there goals.


Bonus ideas:

  • Your step-by-step guide to using the product
  • Tip sheets
  • Blueprints
  • Interview with the vendor
  • Add-ons like recipes and themes
  • Videos
  • PDFs with useful information
  • Or maybe the vendors provides bonuses


Promote through the recommended resource page

This is where you have a lot of short reviews in one place

If people see you as an authority, here they can see what you recommend


Promotions through your list

This is far out the most reliable and profitable method. Email still works.


  • Highlight the benefits, not the features
  • Personalize your recommendation
  • Include your results and those of other buyers

 You can combine your email campaign with reviews and bonuses

 Choose your subject line carefully, you want people to open your mail.

In a other blog you can read more about 10 good headline blueprints,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Your email should contain plain text, that works fine. There is no need to make them fancy

Blogging is far out the best way to get peoples attention. But becareful with blogging, you have to be found. A viral blogging system is ideal to use.

Go here to learn more about the viral blogging system

Above all:

Respect your audience, see them as real people! Treat them as you want to be treated





4 Steps to affiliate success: Step 3 grow your audience

Step 3: Grow your audience


First you have to do the research, who is your audience?

The following questions can help you identify them.

  1. Who is your ideal reader/visitor? Not just there gender, but also there emotional state, where they from, do they have a problem you can help them with? What motivates them.
  2. What do they look like, talk about, care about, hate, fear, desire, etc. etc?
  3. Who do they hang out with, talk to, argue with, idolize, want to be, etc. etc?
  4. Where do they hang out online, in person, want go to, not want to go, etc. etc?
  5. What products, brands or personas do they love and hate?
  6. How do they talk? Formally, informally, passionately, analytically?
  7. What kind of language do they use( important for what Keywords you choose)



  1. The #1 question you have to answer is: Why are these people coming to you?

Is this audience looking for a solution for there problem?  Why are they seeking out your website? Are they looking how they can do things faster and better?


  • The #2 question is: Why should they listen to you?

Make sure you stand out and add value



Great Content is the foundation

Awesome, original content is not optional

Your content should be:

  • Honest (be open and transparent, that works better on the long run)
  • Valuable (don’t waste people’s time)
  • Deliver in multiple formats if possible
  • As short as possible, but no shorter
  • Above All: results-oriented


Have a personality

Great content is required, but personality is what makes you stand out.

Dare to have an opinion. People will either recognize themselves in you or disagree with you. Either way, the people who are interested will stay and you’ll have your audience


Build a brand

Even if your brand is casual, always look professional.

And to look professional you have to have:

  • A Custom logo (many free website where you can creat your own or go to fiverr.com and have one made for $5)
  • A Premium or custom theme for your wordpress website
  • Images in your posts to personalize your site
  • Branded social media pages
  • A “real” email address/url (not a free hotmail/gmail address)


Here is a good example:

Why? He uses different kinds of colors, he introduces himself. He is sharing his story. People often don’t know who they can trust or what is for real on the internet. And by sharing your story, people get to know you and trust you and are more likely to buy something from you.

A mistake that many beginners make:

Trying to monetize there website from day one.

Why? Because it looks like you only want to make money from your audience rather then connecting with people. Remember this:

People don’t want to get sold, they want to buy by themselves

So, don’t put up advertisement right away and don’t start with affiliate links in your posts.

You want people to stay around and comeback to your site.


Add value to the community in your niche.

There are many ways to add value.

  • You could start with participating in forums. And than you don’t go around and just start posting your links, but actually communicate with people, react on there posts, have real conversations with them. Get to know them. Share information so they will see as an expert.
  • Same is with Facebook, Twitter. You can do guest post on blogs in your niche. That is also good for links back to you site.
  • Attend events and conferences ( a great way to meet people that are interested)
  • Link out to other resources/sites. Don’t be afraid, people will only appreciate that and therefore you


Stay in contact with your list.

Besides just sending out your content you can:

  • Share other great information and resources- be part of the community
  • Survey them or ask questions that you can use to better serve them (like, ask them what is on there mind, where you can help them with, what there problems are. etc.etc.)
  • Add value and share before promoting products to them

How you treat your list, is how the treat you!


The secret to affiliate success???


Don’t expect to grow rich and successful in a day.  Be consistent, it is better to work every day for half an hour than 10 hours a day for two weeks and than be disappointed and quit


So what ever you do, NEVER GIVE UP!


In my next blog I will talk about step nr. 4: How to promote your product


Here you find the perfect way to build a list and creat an audience




Money makes life more fun

Dirk & Muriël