Know your Why

Great video!

It is something I work on everyday. The why. And always work your way back. Live as it is already the truth.



Reblogged From Episode 2 – The Art Of Getting What You Want

Welcome back folks…

To episode 2 of the ‘show’ we’re starting here.

I want you to pay attention, because as you pay attention & watch closely you’re going to learn something powerful inside today’s episode – The Art Of Getting What You Want.

Now most people don’t know how to get what they want, probably because they haven’t gone through the $15k formula or attended an event.

In today’s episode I talk about ‘designing your life’ through goal setting. Goal setting using my personal 6 step formula, the same formula I’ve used countless times to explode my income & transform my business (like clockwork).

It starts with setting an intention and making a decision…

…just like making a decision to watch this video, re-blog it and share it with your list – remembering that you can add your affiliate id to the end of these posts.

I’ll see you in episode 3.

Love ya,

– David Wood

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-The EN Team