who is Empower Network for

In this video Tracey Walker gives a great overview of who or indeed whom Empower Network is for.  The small business owner and the non-business owner.

Let’s summarise each of these main groups as was presented in the video above:

Small Business Owner:

  • Blog about your business e.g. benefits/testimonials from customers, special offers, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimisation e.g. get your business name found in the search engine results even amongst any competition
  • Educated marketing i.e. leveraging the information in the training products and cycling that back into your blogging strategy

Non-Business Owner:

  • Become a SME (subject matter expert) and share content you have a passion for
  • Join as an affiliate and make referral incomes from reselling the blog and training products
  • Utilise free and paid advertising methods to generate new customers

There are so many possibility’s

You can use it for promotion of your own company or can become an affiliate and earn 100% commission.

Take action! and join here.

Dirk and Muriël