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If you want to grow your moneyzone, you have to come out of you comfort zone!

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It’s the comfortzone that has its grip on you

Are you happy with your life as it is? Great! & stop reading, or please read my blog and try to see your life in a different perspective.
Do you have the feeling that you take all out of it, as if its your last week to live? Do you follow your passions and do you have time anough to spent with the people you want to spent it with?
So many people around me don’t dare to step out their comfortzone. And I think that they are holding themselves back from new opportunities.


There is a whole world out there, on the other side of your comfortzone!

There is a lot complaining around me about having a boring job, the crisis, the costs of blablabla, and those same people just stay in their comfortzone of what they are used to do. Many people are afraid of taking steps forward for new things to explore, new things to learn, by following their inner voice.
Your inner voice is telling you what you REALLY would love to do. I’m sure everybody has one. But not many people listen to it.
So what’s keeping you to start developping yourself, by using your senses for unknown ?
I did and it gave me good vibes, a new job and making money on the internet!
If you are afraid of letting go, you will always stay in the same situation you are.
You can change that by pulling new opportunities TO you.
Step out your comfortzone and learn, live life advangerous and passionate! Luck and succes will just come to you and it will bring you to a higher level in life. I am sure of that because that is how it always worked for me and for others around me. I believe it is a law of nature.

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