4 Steps to affiliate success: Step 2, Build your Platform

Step 2

Build your Platform


What is a platform?

It is a “homebase” for establishing your authority and audience. Basically a place where you can get your thoughts out and build your reputation.


Why do you need a platform?

  1. Control your brand: Don’t let a thirt party take it away
  2. Trust & reputation: Perception is reality
  3. Easiest path to success: the best place to sell


Kinds of Platform

there are many kinds of platforms, here are a few examples.

  1. Your own blog
  2. Potcasting
  3. Facebook
  4. Youtube
  5. Twitter
  6. Forum


The best methode is to have a blog in the middle and make sure that all the other platforms refer back to the blog. Of course you can build a wordpress blog, but who is going to find you? It is better to use a viral blogging system. Empower network provides that. Click here if you want to find out more


4 Key Steps in platform building


Step1 create a brand

  1. A personal brand, people buy you
  2. Or a business brand


Step 2  Get a domain and hosting


Think about it, what do you want it to say?

Is it: Brandable, personal or descriptive (SEO)


Personally, for hosting I recommend Hostgator. They are affordable and you can have mulptiply websites.


Step 3 Create your blog.

Of course there many ways to create a blog.  Don’t use the free blogsites. Like blogger.com, because you want to look serious.

Like I said before, with WordPress you can build your own blogsite.  Personally I use the Viralblogging system from Empower network.  Empower netork is an authority on the internet and so will your blog be.  You get a ready to go website and you can blog under you own domain. It’s $25 a month, but it’s worth every cent.

The best is to combine the two, so you create strong backlinks.


Step 4 Build a list ( from the start)

The money is in the list!

Make sure you have an opt-in on your site so you can collect emails.

If people subscribe to your list you can reach them through email and build a relationship with them. You can ad value and you can promote other products out of that niche

You can send people email automatically. I recommend GetResponse, because for internet marketers like us the have the most features. Click here if you want to save $30


In my next blog I will talk about how to grow your audience. Meanwhile, feel free to look around my blog and think about what it can do for you.


Go viral



money makes life more fun.

Dirk & Muriël


How to become a millionair

If you don’t like what you’ve got, you have got to change your behavour. And in order to that you have change your believes.

Dirk & Muriël

Watch this one for another video >>>>>> here

4 Steps to affiliate success: Step 1 what is your Niche

There are many ways to be successful as an affiliate, but this article lays out the process that we have found to be the most reliable and sustainable while still being very inexpensive. Many affiliates try to skip steps 2 & 3 and go straight from picking a product to immediately promoting it. This makes it really difficult to succeed, and doesn’t set up your business for success, so make sure to implement the steps in the order they’re listed here.

Step 1

Choosing your niche:

3 questions:

  1.      What are you interested in 
  2.      Do people spend money in it
  3.      Are there product to promote


1. What are you interested in?

  1.      Passions, fitness, causes, education.
  2.      Hobbies, fishing, gardening, chess
  3.      Problems, obesitas, depressions, home repair
  4.      Trends, healthy living, organic eating


Your goal: Become an Authority in the niche


2. Do people spend money in the niche?

Look for:

  1.      Advertizers, online and offline
  2.      Magazines about the subject
  3.      Books. Are there many books about the subject?
  4.      Associations/Groups


         3. Are there Product to promote?

  1.      Information products (How to)
  2.      Physical products

Best is a combination!


Secret to success: Niche it Down!

Mosy people go to broad. The problem? Too competitive what makes it difficult to earn money


Category—-à Niche —-à Sub-Niche

Health & Fitness —-à Dieting—–à Weight Loss for busy Moms

Cooking——à  Baking——-à Gluten free baking


So if you narrow it down, the competition is less but there are still enough people left who are interested. Make sure that they see you as the authority.

In the next blog we will talk about Step 2: Build your Platform

The most important thing is that you learn how to Create traffic.

Go here to learn



Money makes life more fun.

Dirk & Muriël


Know your Why

Great video!

It is something I work on everyday. The why. And always work your way back. Live as it is already the truth.



Reblogged From Episode 2 – The Art Of Getting What You Want

Welcome back folks…

To episode 2 of the ‘show’ we’re starting here.

I want you to pay attention, because as you pay attention & watch closely you’re going to learn something powerful inside today’s episode – The Art Of Getting What You Want.

Now most people don’t know how to get what they want, probably because they haven’t gone through the $15k formula or attended an event.

In today’s episode I talk about ‘designing your life’ through goal setting. Goal setting using my personal 6 step formula, the same formula I’ve used countless times to explode my income & transform my business (like clockwork).

It starts with setting an intention and making a decision…

…just like making a decision to watch this video, re-blog it and share it with your list – remembering that you can add your affiliate id to the end of these posts.

I’ll see you in episode 3.

Love ya,

– David Wood

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4 characteristics of successful people

What do successful people different than non successful people?

Successfull people do things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.

But if you narrow it down to just a few charactistics, this is my conclusion:

  1. Successful people have a clear vision. What means that the see the big picture.
  2. Successful people take responsebility. Always do more than what you are paid for. They make it there problem.
  3. Successful people work in there unique strength. So stick with what you are good at.
  4. Successful people deliver High Value.

But besides these 4 features you have to understand that success is a skill that everybody can learn. Success is not a if, but will. Will you do what ever it takes? Are you open to change? Because how you change is how you succeed.

Read the right books, fire all the negative people arround you and surround yourself with the right kind of people. It is the people you spend time with who you most likely will become.

We consider ourselves as successful and we’ll keep learning

See you at the other side

>>>>>>>>This is your personal link to join us

Dirk & Muriël


All meaningful change comes from the inside

All meaningfull change comes from the inside.

But why do so many people change as a threat. But at the same time we all dream.

Our opinion is that you have to come out of your comefortzone and your have to be willing to change or else eerything will stay the same!

You want more freedom? You want more wealth? Do you want to spend more time with your family?

Don’t let fear of change overcome your dreams

This how we do It


Dirk & Muriël

Success stories with JT FOXX, the nr one wealth coach in the world

Very impressive to watch somebody like that being on stage and talk to a crowed of 600 people.

Reblogged From Fill your mind with succes stories, like JT Foxx interviews


Feed your own succes by learning from succesful people.

Last week-end I got to meet JT Foxx,
Syndicated Radio Personality, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Real Estate Investor and One of the Top Wealth Coaches in the World.
After intensive seminars, I feel empowered by his succes and by his information how to become a mega succesful entrepeneur.
8 Years ago he was broke. Now he is on the top of bussinessclass. And he build his succes by starting one day and TOOK ACTION.


Everybody can have succes in business

Just take action now, and implementate all facilities of this generation: Internet.
Even when you are unfamiliar with working on the internet, you can become very succesful with it. Read, listen audio’s, practise, visit seminars, webinars and blog.
You will see that succes will find you.

Do you want to know with path I am walking on on my way to success and financial freedom?

If you also want to be able to work all around the world, with your computer and internet.
And if you want to define how many hours a day you spent behind the computer.
And do you want to be able to build a passive financial income that secures your future and that of your beloved ones?

Join in and work with me!

To your succes!

Muriël Dijkema,

who is Empower Network for

In this video Tracey Walker gives a great overview of who or indeed whom Empower Network is for.  The small business owner and the non-business owner.

Let’s summarise each of these main groups as was presented in the video above:

Small Business Owner:

  • Blog about your business e.g. benefits/testimonials from customers, special offers, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimisation e.g. get your business name found in the search engine results even amongst any competition
  • Educated marketing i.e. leveraging the information in the training products and cycling that back into your blogging strategy

Non-Business Owner:

  • Become a SME (subject matter expert) and share content you have a passion for
  • Join as an affiliate and make referral incomes from reselling the blog and training products
  • Utilise free and paid advertising methods to generate new customers

There are so many possibility’s

You can use it for promotion of your own company or can become an affiliate and earn 100% commission.

Take action! and join here.

Dirk and Muriël



10 headline blueprint that work like crazy!

If you are interested in driving traffic to your website, or are into list building or affiliate marketing, then you probably know the importance of a great headline.

It’s often been said that the ability to write great headlines is the most important skill in all of copywriting. That might be true.

After all, unless you have a great headline your selling message won’t get read.

This applies to solo ads, classified ads, sales letters, blog posts, social media marketing … basically anytime you communicate with the public.

In the email marketing and solo advertising business we often talk about the “hierarchy” of a great email ad. That’s just a fancy way to say that any email ad, especially a solo ad, must have three key elements in order to be effective. And by effective, I mean profitable.

1. A subject line (or headline) that causes the email to get opened

2. An offer the reader wants

3. A call to action that gets the reader to click now

If your ad has those three things you will likely do very well indeed. If you get one of them wrong you risk losing profits.

But here’s the problem for most people … how do you write a highly effective headline or email subject line?

Most professional copywriters have a swipe file they use. When they see a great headline or subject line they copy it and use it for inspiration. Of course, we never want to use anyone’s copy word-for-word without express permission but we are free to draw inspiration from great marketing. And we should do so. After all, why reinvent the wheel?

A second trick of the trade is having a blueprint to follow.

By blueprint I mean a simple “fill in the blanks” formula that empowers you to crank out winning headlines and subject lines all day long.

So if you’ve ever wanted to write great headlines and subject lines at will, or if you’ve ever been stuck and not known how to get started, I hpoe this video helps you.

You want to know why I do solo ads? Click here


the biggest challenge

If you want to grow your moneyzone, you have to come out of you comfort zone!

Reblogged From Step out your comfortzone and create new opportunities

It’s the comfortzone that has its grip on you

Are you happy with your life as it is? Great! & stop reading, or please read my blog and try to see your life in a different perspective.
Do you have the feeling that you take all out of it, as if its your last week to live? Do you follow your passions and do you have time anough to spent with the people you want to spent it with?
So many people around me don’t dare to step out their comfortzone. And I think that they are holding themselves back from new opportunities.


There is a whole world out there, on the other side of your comfortzone!

There is a lot complaining around me about having a boring job, the crisis, the costs of blablabla, and those same people just stay in their comfortzone of what they are used to do. Many people are afraid of taking steps forward for new things to explore, new things to learn, by following their inner voice.
Your inner voice is telling you what you REALLY would love to do. I’m sure everybody has one. But not many people listen to it.
So what’s keeping you to start developping yourself, by using your senses for unknown ?
I did and it gave me good vibes, a new job and making money on the internet!
If you are afraid of letting go, you will always stay in the same situation you are.
You can change that by pulling new opportunities TO you.
Step out your comfortzone and learn, live life advangerous and passionate! Luck and succes will just come to you and it will bring you to a higher level in life. I am sure of that because that is how it always worked for me and for others around me. I believe it is a law of nature.

For people who also want to learn all about a positieve way of seeing things and learn how to make money on the internet like me,
Click here and see you soon!

Muriël Dijkema