My motivation

What is your motivation?

Why do we do the things we do? What motivates us? The actions we take are either to avoid pain or to gain happiness .

I’m self employed for the last eight years. My motivation at that time for starting my own business because I wanted to create freedom for myself. That was my motivation at that time. But now I don’t see it as a freedom. Sure I can come and go whenever I want and nobody tells me when I can have a break or have a smoke. Not that I smoke but still! I have a restaurant and that means that there are four walls within I have to make my money. There are also opening and closing times, so that means that your income stops. We are closed on mondays, so I don’t make money on monday.

This concept starts to bother me. I want to have an income 24/7. But what is my motivation for making money? People around me react very strongly on this concept. Making money is something bad and especially if you do it on the internet, it must be a scheme. This is the impression these people give me. But it all has to do with the mindset you have. If it is something you don’t have and you can’t imagine that you will have it, you’ll probably won’t have it ever!

What is my motivation

The reason I keep talking about money is because that is what I want to have in my life. Well actually it’s not the money itself, but the lifestyle that comes with it.

I want a lifestyle with no stress, a life style with time, enough time for my family. And yes a big fat car an a nice house, but I also want to be. able to pay for the best healthcare, also for my parents when they grow really old and need special care. How sad is that, if you can’t take care of your loved ones.
We traveled a lot, years ago, and that is what we like to do again. That is what I would like to give my children, the experience of travel.

And I think that I owe it to myself. I always worked my ass of and for what? worry’s and stress and not wealth. I’m not complaining but I’m changing. Of course I had fun and did great things, but I’m 41, half way my life and it’s time for a change and yes….I WILL SUCCEED

Know your why and join me


Will you fly with me, like an eagle? Or stay on the ground waiting for that hand that will hopefully feed you…..create your motivation!



Het Heden


How to meditate

How To Meditate

There are many ways to meditate and you don’t always have to follow expensive courses to learn the techniques. Six years ago I started to practiced Vipassana meditation and I can recommend that to everybody.  You can find more information about Vipassana overhere. And of course in my other blog, but only for my Dutch followers

But you can start to meditate right know with the fallowing simple technique.

How to meditate?

Breath, and watch your breath.

Among the documented benefits of meditation are less anxiety, decreased depression, reduction in irritability and moodiness, better learning ability and memory and greater creativity. And that’s just the beginning! Then there is slower aging, feeling young and vital, less stress, rest, lower blood pressure, and higher blood oxygen levels. All together, you can only benefit!

How to Meditate Right Now

Here’s a simple technique that will give you results in minutes. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and tense up your whole body. Sigh deeply, then breath deeply through your nose and release the tension from every muscle. Just feel each part relaxing, watching for parts that may hold onto tension, like a tight jaw.

If you still have tension somewhere, tense up that part again, then let it relax. It may also help to repeat silently “relax” as the tension drains. This will train your body and mind to recognize relaxation. Later you may be able to relax more easily just by repeating “relax” a few times.

Breath through your nose. This is important because it brings in more oxygen by involving your diaphragm more. You can test this. Breath with your mouth and you’ll notice that your breathing is shallower. Then breath through your nose and you’ll notice that your abdomen extends more. Air is being drawn deeper into your lungs.

Allow your breathing to fall into a comfortable pattern, and pay attention to it. Pay attention to your breath as it passes in and out of your nose. Your mind may wander endlessly, but all you have to do is continually bring attention back to your breath.

If your mind is still too busy, Just observe the distractions, don’t react. For example, if you have an itch, just observe and you’ll see that it will go away. This will take some pratice, but remember….”everything comes and goes”

That’s it. Continue for five or ten minutes. Afterwards, open your eyes and sit there for a few seconds. You’ll feel relaxed, and your mind will feel refreshed. And you’ll be better prepared for any mental challenges. That’s how to meditate.

Because I meditate, I can accomplish a lot more things. I started to look for a different way to earn my money for me and my family. Why? Because my goal is to live a life without stress.

Want to see how?






How to visualize the things you want

Visualize yourself how you want to be



Slowly I’m changing my lifestyle into something else. It took me a while to figure out that my old life is a life that doesn’t suite my anymore. But, the change doesn’t come by it self. So, on a daily base I try to visualize how my new life has to look like.

I start to find out that if you visualize, it’s by far one of the most powerful tools attracting what you want. In one of my other blogs I write about the law of attraction. But somehow few people know how to properly visualize. I didn’t, I always that it was just abracadabra.
But now I know better!  With the right technique you can begin to see outstanding results in successfully attracting what you want, granted you full apply what you learn.

How to visualize starts like this; the easy part.

First you start to visualize everything all the time.  Even when you are speaking on the phone to someone you can try to visualize in your mind what they are telling you. You can visualize when you are deep in thought. And also when you are worrying about paying your debt or worrying about the way you would really like to live your life you are also visualizing what you want.

The hard part however is to use that creative force to actually attract the things you want. This is the difficult part and I think this is where many people go wrong.

A great test I red about a while ago to help you understand the most effective way how to visualize goes like this:
Think of the last time you were deep in thought. Now try to remember what that felt like. Can you recall that time?  Maybe you noticed that you were deep inside of yourself. You probably were unaware of anyone or anything and as you were allowing yourself to visualize you could feel clearly that you were having the experience as if it were real. That is the power of visualization!

How do you visualize the things you want? It’s the same way you visualize the things that you don’t want. And that is what everybody is so good at! So am I….
You see, when you are feeling anxious and fearful you lock yourself away in your inner mind with those images. And that is also what you attract!  And than you can tell yourself, you see!
You loose sight of other possibilities and if it is something that happened to you, then you recreate it in its full detail with all your emotions all over again.

Try to immerse yourself with full emotions when you are trying to create the things you want. Many thoughts may come to distract you but if you will redirect your mind to what you do want your mind will be trained to hold that thought.

There are many tools and techniques that can help you to visualize. One of the most powerful tools is to write down that what you really want and read it two or three times a day. Or create you one moodboard with pictures!

I know what I want, I write it down, I keep reading it. I’ll get there

What ever it takes!



Er is altijd een keuze


Waar het op neerkomt is dat ik mijn eerste geld online heb verdiend! Je altijd een keuze hebt. En zolang je die keuze niet maakt er ook niks verandert.

Ik heb in ieder geval de keuze gemaakt en ben zeker niet bang om op mijn bek te gaan, om het maar zo te zeggen.




Falen, je beste vriend.

Hoe falen je best vriend kan zijn.


Falen, als je er mee bezig bent dan is het helemaal niet leuk. Ik heb afgelopen jaar een tweede restaurant op willen zetten. Falen heb ik hier zeker gedaan en op het moment dat ik er midden in zat, wist ik niet waar ik het moest zoeken. Maar nu achteraf gezien blijkt toch maar weer dat ik gewoon nog steeds leef.

Hoe erg kan falen nou eigenlijk zijn? Ik bedoel je valt niet van de aardkloot af om het maar zo te zeggen. Waarom zijn we er toch zo panisch voor?  Het klinkt misschien cliche, maar het is toch echt zodat je van je fouten het meeste leert. Er zijn nu steeds van die momenten dat ik denk “hé, dat doe ik nu anders”

Zonder af en toe te falen kom je niet veel verder. Het is natuurlijk fijn om in je comfort zone te blijven, maar toch vind ik het fijn om er uit te komen.

Waar ik wel heilig in geloof is dat als je maar vaak genoeg blijft proberen, met vallen en opstaan, dan zal je uiteindelijk slagen en je doel bereiken.

Ook al heb is het tweede restaurant niet gelukt, heb ik besloten om toch een nieuwe business op te zetten. Dit maal op het internet. Ik was helemaal niet bekend hiermee, maar ik heb besloten het toch te doen. Ik werk vanuit het empower network. In dit filmpje vertel ik je waarom ik hier zo enthousiast over ben.

Misschien zal ik niet alles in een keer goed doen, maar uiteindelijk is falen hier geen optie, en ik weet dat ik hier 100% in ga slagen.





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