Not what, but Why!


How do you explain if things don’t go as you expected. Why is one person very successful and the other not? Even when the conditions are the same?

What I learned recently is that is depence how you approach things. You have the Why question, you have the How Question and of course the What question.

Most people present themself or there product with the What question. And then the How. But not so many know why they do things. And with Why I don’t mean for example ” to make profit” because that is a result.

With Why I mean “what is you goal”,”what is your purpose”, “what is your believe” Why do you get out of bed in the morning and why should anybody care?

The mass will only follow those who believe and tell them why they do the things they do.

For me things got clearer. I’m setting up this email campagne for my on line business. I looked to a lot of emails from other people and what I noticed is that a lot of people tell me what they are selling, matter of fact, I think that 90% of the emails tell me that. But only a few tell why they do what they do.

We want to recognize ourself in a story.

Think about that next time you deal with peolpe and you want the to listen.