How to create your own online business

Hi there,

As some of you might know I’m busy building my online business.

This doesn’t go by itself and it asks a lot of time. The most important thing of all, I can tell you, is that you have to focus. Focus, focus and focus. But be carefull, you have to focus on the important stuff. And with the important stuff I mean the following:

Number 1: the most important one is you have to focus on YOU. you have to focus on your beliefs, on your mindset and on your self control.

What I mean by that is that if you don’t believe that you can be successful or if you can’t believe that urn a six figure income, thsn it wil probalbly not happen. So you have to do everything you can to change your beliefs if you want that freedom you dreaming of. Even if everybody around tell you otherwise.

Number two: you have to focus on is how to attract qualified leads.

“A lead is the identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. This step represents the first stage of a sales process.”

Basicly it are the people who put there email in your opt-inn. But it is important that people who do that are actualy interested in your product.

How can you get people to your site? by advertising! you can do this:

  • online
  • offline, like tv or radio and newspaper.
  • by calling people
  • and of course the internet.

number three: Turning this leads into costumers. I mean what good is a lead if they don’t buy!

Here it is important that you learn how to influence people. You have to tap into there dreams or uncover the big problem and than offer them a solution.

And number four: Turning these customers into raving fans. If you have more products to sell or up sell, you want your customers to stick around.


Do you want to now how I do all this?