Not what, but Why!


How do you explain if things don’t go as you expected. Why is one person very successful and the other not? Even when the conditions are the same?

What I learned recently is that is depence how you approach things. You have the Why question, you have the How Question and of course the What question.

Most people present themself or there product with the What question. And then the How. But not so many know why they do things. And with Why I don’t mean for example ” to make profit” because that is a result.

With Why I mean “what is you goal”,”what is your purpose”, “what is your believe” Why do you get out of bed in the morning and why should anybody care?

The mass will only follow those who believe and tell them why they do the things they do.

For me things got clearer. I’m setting up this email campagne for my on line business. I looked to a lot of emails from other people and what I noticed is that a lot of people tell me what they are selling, matter of fact, I think that 90% of the emails tell me that. But only a few tell why they do what they do.

We want to recognize ourself in a story.

Think about that next time you deal with peolpe and you want the to listen.



How to create your own online business

Hi there,

As some of you might know I’m busy building my online business.

This doesn’t go by itself and it asks a lot of time. The most important thing of all, I can tell you, is that you have to focus. Focus, focus and focus. But be carefull, you have to focus on the important stuff. And with the important stuff I mean the following:

Number 1: the most important one is you have to focus on YOU. you have to focus on your beliefs, on your mindset and on your self control.

What I mean by that is that if you don’t believe that you can be successful or if you can’t believe that urn a six figure income, thsn it wil probalbly not happen. So you have to do everything you can to change your beliefs if you want that freedom you dreaming of. Even if everybody around tell you otherwise.

Number two: you have to focus on is how to attract qualified leads.

“A lead is the identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. This step represents the first stage of a sales process.”

Basicly it are the people who put there email in your opt-inn. But it is important that people who do that are actualy interested in your product.

How can you get people to your site? by advertising! you can do this:

  • online
  • offline, like tv or radio and newspaper.
  • by calling people
  • and of course the internet.

number three: Turning this leads into costumers. I mean what good is a lead if they don’t buy!

Here it is important that you learn how to influence people. You have to tap into there dreams or uncover the big problem and than offer them a solution.

And number four: Turning these customers into raving fans. If you have more products to sell or up sell, you want your customers to stick around.


Do you want to now how I do all this?

Visualize your goals

Hi guys, Yesterday I started with the 15k program and I noticed that the one that it all starts is setting your goals.

Ask yourself, what is it that you want? What do you want to achieve? and how do you gonna get there?

Most of the times we don’t have a clue how to get from point A to point B, but that is not important at all. What is important is that you act as if you already achieved that goal.

Before I go on, there is a big difference between wanting something and wishing for or really decide that one thing is what you want and no matter what, that is what you going to get.

The thing I learned is that if you set your goal you have to experience it, you have to feel it.

How to do that? By visualisation. Emagine yourself already achieving your goal. Emagine the date that you want to get your goal.

For example, on the first of january I want…… Visualize how it feels, how it smells, what weather is it, are you drinking coffee, who is with you? The more details the better. Now, you write everything down. And if you read it, you can feel it, live it. As if it where already that date.

By visualisation you set your innerself to work. the law af attraction starts working.

After you wrote everythng down, you can start work from your goal, instead of towards your goal. And that is a big difference.

If you say ” my big breakthrough is just around the corner” than that is where it is going to stay, always just around the corner.

I know my goals, I felt them, I almost lived them.

Want to know how I’m going to do that?

click on the banner and join my team. we are living the dream!

see you soon



change your goals

it’s All about change and setting your goals.
I decided to change my life nu selling my restaurant and start a business from home.

change your goals

it’s All about change and setting your goals.
I decided to change my life nu selling my restaurant and start a business from home.


This mobile blogbeast is great!

Reblogged From Success with your weblog and the Blogbeast

A collective weblog makes the difference


When you want to promote something on the internet, you need traffic.
You can see traffic as roads that lead to your message on the internet. People will find your message because the leads helps them to get to you.

Ofcourse you can use a free weblog as WordPress. But then your tiny little weblog will be on it’s one on the huge internet space. You are not the only one who uses a weblog like Word Press you see?


Get succes with a collective weblog


When your weblog is a part of a large collective, you will end up high in a searchmachines like Google. That is because you are a part of an authority that fills the internetspace.
For example:

It could be your own small business you write about, because you want to attract more customers:
Then you can blog about keywords that a related to your business. (People search with keywords on the internet to find someting.)Like a home-made-pie-webshop:
You can write about all the different kind of pies you make. Which kind of shapes, flavours and colours customers can buy.  You place nice pic’s and a small film of you – in – action and there is the content of your blog!

It could also be the activities you are planning to organise in your neighbourhout you want to be found with.

The thing you want to be found with on the internet is up to you. As long as you write a weblog with good keywords , with an authority weblog and you will get traffic!
And that gives you the success you want in a bussiness.


The Blogbeast weblog-system of Empower Network


The Blogbeast weblog-system of Empower Network has just been launched and is brandnew in the internet world.
It’s blogging on your mobile-phone!!
You don’t need your computer to run your home-business.

Blogging has never been easier. They call it ‘’grandma-proof’’. Even within a few seconds you can place your foto ,audio or film, write some text and place it on your blog. Put it on the internet and there you go.  A nice piece of internet content has been made in a few minutes. There is your traffic!

People find you, you will have more traffic.
In bussnessterms: Traffic gives customers, customers bring you success!

To your success with the BLOGBEAST.

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