size does matter

Size does matter!

size does matter

One likes it really big and the other one is already happy with something small…..

No, this is not a article about penis sizes! However, in life, size does matter especially if we talk about dreams. And let’s face it, big things give people confidence. Even if it is for that compensation.

We all want great things out of life, don’t we?  And this is for everybody different. But happiness is, I think something we all want.  And it’s personal for everybody what that is. But remember, you can accomplice anything you like. In my other bog I wrote about 7 keys to gain success. you can use that as a guidance. But it all starts with a dream, a desire. And as I said before, yes size does matter. The bigger the dream, the desire, the bigger the commitment to do what ever it takes.

And if size does matter, we should not forget the small things that make us happy.

Spending time with our family and our friends. Reading the books we like. Staring at the horizon, fantasizing about whatever makes you happy.

What if size does matter counts?

Everything we do is either to avoid pain or to gain pleasure

If you decide to make a change, you decide to step out of your comfort zone. And because everything starts with a decision, let’s say you decide to lose weight. You know that you have to follow this or that diet or do your exercises. We know we should but we don’t. Even all the way up to frustration. Why is that?  Why are we fulling ourselves? It is because we are more afraid for the pain the change could cause than the pain we already experience.

You’ll see that ones the existing pain becomes to big the necessary steps are taken! Probably, in this case “size does matter” also counts. The bigger the pain, the bigger the action!

Big or small, wouldn’t it be great if our dreams would come through? And wouldn’t it be great if we did take action al the time? Because taking action leads toward a better life.

Taking control of your financial situation and gain financial freedom ( how to gain this you can read in my other blog) would make this possible. Not that money itself would be the goal, but it would be  merely a tool to get to that point where you would always that action.







ps.Size does matter. Empower network is a big organization, with big opportunities. And yes, also the opportunity to make big money. And yes… it starts with taking a small step!

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