The key to success

7 keys to success


In another article I wrote about what is keeping us from having success. I thought it would be nice to describe some steps towards succes.

Success It’s something we all want, we talk about it, envy those who we think achieved it, we think about it, fight for it. I think it’s all worth it. Success brings us incomparable satisfaction and happiness. It gives you a unique opportunity to be happy every day. I believe that if you achieve small goals every day, step by step you will be approach your GREAT dream. What ever that dream may be, because success is also something personal!

So, if it’s personal,  let’s go further and develop ourselves…Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a successful person. Is he rich or poor? Surely, most of us associate success with rich people. So, success and wealth are inseparable from each other? I do think so, yes, it’s likely to be so. But wealth is not a target for a successful person. It is just one of the steps to reach that happiness and satisfaction.

But why aren’t we al successful? I mean I know a lot of people that are not, according themselves, successful. Why not? do you consider yourself successful?
If you have any doubt, why?  Are there any reasons, hindering your success? Besides some outer reasons, like war, flood and other disasters? . I don’t think so! All the reasons I can think about are inner reasons, meaning that you can get rid of them. You can change yourself! With our fears, complexes we create the greatest obstacles in achieving success.

So? What makes us have success?

Here are 7 keys toward success

  1. Clear objective. Without the aim, no achievement is possible. A thoroughly equipped ship with wonderful crew will arrive nowhere if it hasn’t any course of direction.
  2. Accurate strategy. Unplanned success is a planned defeat. Accurate and logical strategy helps to realize the grandest projects. It’s a must to write a clear plan and if you stick to that plan, you will be able to realize everything you want.
  3. Positive attitude. Positive thinking, positive attitude to the world work wonders. You live in the world you create for yourself. You want to live in a wonderful world – think about something wonderful! Stop being afraid of failures and you will reach your success.
  4. Faith in success. Faith strengthens your potential, and doubts destroy it. If you have some desire, leave all your doubts behind. Just believe in the possibility of its realization and you will see, you won’t have not so many obstacles in your way.
  5. Education and training. Being aware of your desires without any action will lead to nothing. Only actions, supported by knowledge will result in great success. Constant training, constant improvement of your professional knowledge, – these are the features that distinguish a successful person. Our world is ever changing, and only on condition of applying your new knowledge you can keep pace with time.
  6. Self -improvement. It helps us to change for better, overcome our complexes and fears, get rid of diffidence. Remember, that everything depends only on you; you are master of your fate, your success and happiness. And if you don’t possess all the listed above qualities, then you will be able to develop these features improving yourself. The only thing that does not depend on you is strong desire; it is given to us by Nature.
  7. Self –confidence. this helps you to get top results where there is no premise for it. Fighting with your complexes, the person is approaching the ideal and makes the best of the work.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? But this article exists merely out of words. You can read it, but you can also use them as a powerful tool to improve your life!