Mercedes, the W123 300TD 1980

The Mercedes W123 300TD


Seven years ago we fell in love with our mercedes W123 300TDWe imported the car from California, USA. This means that everything is just a little bit bigger than European version. The tires are wider and the bumpers thicker.

Before the Benz, we use to drive a 2CV and a Citroen Acadiane. So you can imagine that this was a big change!

Mercedes W123 300 TD in 1980.

Back in those days the Mercedes W123 300td was a very luxurious car, with airconditioning, cruise controle and autobalance. The autobalance makes sure that the car goes back to a horizontal position after you put a heavy load in the back.

Also in the back, an extra bench. So no problem if some friends from school wanted to come and play.

I bought the Mercedes after a year when I started my first business, The Lapsang. It was a small restaurant, only open for lunch and high tea. It was perfect for all the shopping and the catering projects we had on different locations.

After I sold The Lapsang, I bought Het Heden. Here, serious construction was needed. The car proved itself useful. A load of scaffolding wood, concrete and other heavy stuff was no problem. Even moving a big container that was in front of the restaurant. Slowly I drove the bumper against the container and than let the engine do the work.

The mercedes W123 300TD, a work horse

Strange things I moves with this car. Twelve tables inside and 16 chairs on the roof. It looked great. Sometimes you see these old Mercedes going south with more luggage than car, preferably with a big blue canvas on the roof. This how my car looked a lot of times.

Saying goodby!
It’s time to say goodby to this nice car. Next year it’s probably no more tax free driving. It’s a diesel and the car weights about 1650 kilograms. So it’s not going to be cheap.
And because it’s an oldtimer, you only need a check up every two years. So it’s not the safest car. you not going to the dentist if you don’t have a dental problem.

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Het Heden