Stress, the enemy of you health

Stress and your health.

This is what I found on wikipedia.
Stress is a reaction of your body in responce to an event such as an environmental condition or a stimulus.
Stress is a body’s way to react to a challenge. In case of danger your body will be in a state of fight or flight.”

Stress, how to come out of it.

A small dose of stress is good for you I think, it makes you focus and more clear in what you do. But to much stress can cause a lot of damage.
First of all, it doesn’t make you happy and it can lead to a burn out.
A burn out is a psychological term for a syndrome characterized by long-term exhaustion and diminished interest, especially in one’s career.

You lose interest in important things. Easy things that normally causes no problem now seem like a huge mountain.

But why do so many people stress so much, with in there career? What is the worst thing that can happen? That you get fired? Or that you go broke?
You won’t die, you look for another job or you start over again.
This is also what I tell myself! But it not always works.
One of the biggest stress triggers is money, or the lack of it. Can I pay my bills at the end of the month? Can we affort this or that.
Many people go to there job every day and get paid for every hour that the work. If I think of that, it makes me sad. How can you ever forfill your dream?

Maby this is a reason for stress itself.
More important is what can we do about stress?

Move a lot. Go to gym or do other sports you like, your body will make endorfine, that makes you happy. If you suffer hartbeatings, take it easy and go for a little walk every hour and longer ones after work. As long as you move.

Laughing. A smile does wonders.

Health. Make sure you eat healthy, a healthy body helps a healthy mind

Try to enjoy. Take time to relax and plan nice things to do. If you plan this with other people, there is a bigger chance that you realy do it.

So far.

Dirk van Waasbergen

Het heden

Ask yourself, is it realy worth it? Life is to short!