Success, the key towards a better live?



Are you afraid of success?

I’m changing my live. I think that if I keep doing what I do, I’ll keep getting what I got. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with what I do have. But that doesn’t mean that I have to settle for that.

I don’t want to worry about paying the bills at the end of the month or if we can go on holiday this year. So I decided to change my live and I’ll make it a success.

If I tell people that I want to make a lot of money, they often react if it is something bad. It is not right.For me success is not only having a lot of money. success for me is that I can do what I want, when I want, with whom I want and as much as I want.

What is keeping people from having success?

A subtle variation of fear for failure is the fear of success. You might think that these are two opposite fears, but they are not, they are in the same line. Why are we afraid of having success? What is keeping us? If you focus, you’ll see that the fear is based on wrong assumptions.


Why are we afraid of success?

From what I red, I came to the conclusion that people are not afraid of success, but for what it means to us. If you have a negative interpretation of success, than you will try to avoid it.

If you have a healthy attitude towards success, the fear will go away! and success will come

So, how do you think about success

Imagion that your were successful, would you think that:

a: Nobody likes you, because you are “different”?
b:people think your arrogant?
c: you have make enemy’s or victims?
d: success is there at the expense of you health, you free time  and you relationships?
c:Have success is stressful and tiring?

Who takes responsibility?

If you think all these things above, no wonder you sabotage your own success, don’t you think? I mean, who wants stress, egoism and broken relationships?

Another important thing what stops people from having success is taking responsibility. If your are successful, you have to take responsibility. And that is scary. Fear for success is fear for responsibility

Because, basically, if you don’t do anything, no one an accuse you of anything. Nobody will criticize you and you won’t do anything wrong.
Success means you have to take responsibility for your own live and there for being responsible for the result.

See what I mean, the fair .for failure and success are in one line. Both are fears for a negative result, because of our actions.

Self confidence is the solution!

Do you sabotage yourself?

If people associate success with something negative, the next step will automatically be to prevent themselves from being successful. Who?
Postpone everything, you can find hundreds of reasons to do nothing. This is very affective: Nobody holds you responsible for you success because you’ll never be successful!

So stop being afraid and take action! everybody will benefit.

till next time



Ufo, Don’t panic! It just means unidentified flying object

Wow, when I started blogging, I never thought that I would write about UFO‘s.  I red these article in the Quest, a “braintainment” magazine, about ufo’s. So I got curious and surfed the internet.



What comes to mind when someone talks about a UFO? Do you think about the cover of a science fiction novel and the image of mysterious bright lights beaming down from it, sucking up cows and human beings  Do you think about that time when you were out late at night and you saw a flash of light, wondered what it was only to realize a moment later that what you saw wasn’t a UFO – it was just the lights of a plane that was beginning its descent. Do you think of movies, or little green men, cartoons, or do you just turn away shaking your head? Well, I don’t know.

I noticed that for a lot of people a UFO is a flying saucer – it seems to be the best description that they can come up with. Others suggest, rather dismissively, that UFO simply means unidentified flying object and that the light that someone saw flashing in the sky was either a plane, a helicopter or a reflection of light from a cell phone tower or another metal object. One thing is for sure, there is never a clear picture.

In the late 1940′s in in New Mexico near a town called Roswell “mysterious materials where found.
While the United States military has always stood their ground that these materials were merely fragments of a research balloon, a top secret test that ended badly, others offer another explanation. They assert that the materials were fragments of a UFO, an alien craft that crashed. They believe that the “flying disc” that was recovered could not be something from this world, and so began one of the most talked about UFO encounters in the world. We do like our mysteries!

I think that many who believe that the UFO in Roswell, New Mexico deserved more attention than it was being given, believe that it wasn’t something that could just bedismissed. In that time many other stories about the flying saucer where going arround

UFO, the stories,

A farmer talked about having found materials miles away from Roswell, and the story was picked up by newspapers, accompanied by photos of the strange find – strips of rubber, something like aluminum foil, sticks. It’s a story that has gained so much attention around the world that it has influenced many people’s sense of alien life and alien visitations to earth.

If the Roswell, New Mexico story had never become so widespread, I think “UFO and flying saucer” may not be so common in our language, in our experiences and in novels, television programming and films and of course out imagination.

How common is it for people to see a UFO?

It’s hard to say, really, because many people who see an unidentified flying object in the sky are reluctant to report it. Either the person who saw a UFO believes that there is a far more logical explanation or merely thinks that no one would believe them if they were to say anything about it. And yet, there are UFO sightings that are shared and that become the topic of a good conspiracy theorie.

In the 1980′s, near Suffolk, England, many who the UFO all claimed to have seen flashing lights coming from an unidentified flying object that was descending towards the woods – a UFO that was roughly the size of a car and seemed to float on a beam of light. After reports were made about the object, it was discovered that trees were damaged, radio frequencies became nothing but static and soil samples later showed radioactive activity.

Similarly, in Gulf Breeze, Florida in 1987 tales of a UFO began to circulate when a man saw a strange light coming from his lawn. When he saw the flying saucer, he grabbed a camera and started shooting photos as proof of what he had seen. Of course, in this situation, the story was not just of a UFO sighting, but about repeated experiences and of the man’s being beamed up onto the craft.

Though discussions of these UFO sightings continue, and there has been audio recordings and photo documentation, it is still difficult to know whether or not the unidentified flying objects were indeed from space. Many claimed, so they say, in regard to the Gulf Breeze, Florida UFO sightings, that the man had manipulated the photographs and fabricated the story.

In each case, both sides – the believers and the skeptics – find evidence to support their claims. Those who believe in UFOs and alien visitations cite facts that they claim cannot otherwise be explained. Those who are skeptical offer their own explanations along with their own supporting evidence. Which side is right? For now, that’s up to you to decide.

Let me know what you think! are we alone????

het heden

are you happy?

Be happy!

Today somebody asked me  “What was the happiest moment of your life?”
I gave it a moment and realized that  I’m pretty happy right now, so that was my answer.

The funny thing with happiness is that everybody chases it, but the more you chase it, the more eludes you.

Why? Because I think that happiness is a lousy goal by itself. Happiness is no more than a byproduct of doing something else.

A few days ago at the gym I came to talk with a guy who is a security guard.
He is working night shifts guarding empty office buildings. Sounds horrible to me, but his experience is something completely different.

“To be honest” he said “I love it, it gives me time to think. It gives me time to study. I can imagine that a lot of people don’t like being alone all night, but I love it”

He is happy. He’s doing what he likes.

And sure, there are people that would say that there is more to achieve. That he has more potential than just guarding empty buildings. But hé, who am I to judge, it’s not my life.

The important thing here is that he is happy!

Does the thing that you do make you happy?

Why do I see so many posts on facebook “I hate mondays” or “thank god it’s friday”

Are you doing what you like?

If not, why not?

What would you rather be doing besides what you’re doing right now?

Are you in a relationship that fulfills you? Or are you settling for less than you deserve? How much longer will you do that?

Do you like your job? Does it fulfill you? If you could look into the future, would you be happy if you found out that you’re still doing the exact same thing in 20 years?

If the answer is “no” — and if you’re not happy — you might want to do something about that.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

This is your life.


Be happy.



Coffee, why we like it so much



My last blog was about the espresso and how to make one etc. etc. It made me think, what is the appeal of being an avid coffee drinker?

After a nice shot of espresso I narrowed it down to three reasons. The first one obviously is the great taste of coffee. The second reason is the social factor that drinking coffee provides, and the third reason is that coffee allows us a time to refocus on our lives. I know, that sounds a bit bla bla, but hear me out.

Coffee and it’s reasons,

If you drink coffee once a week, or maybe two to three times a week, or maybe you’re like me and you drink coffee every day, then I’m sure we would all agree on this one statement. “We enjoy the taste of coffee.” We appreciate a great cup of rich, aromatic, eye opening coffee. A night out, eating in a restaurant, for me the coffee that you have after diner can make everything perfect. Humans have been enjoying the great taste of coffee for a thousand years so I believe this statement to be 100% accurate. If you disagree then maybe you are not an avid coffee drinker.

The social part

By Nature, human beings are social creatures and coffee shops and lunchrooms allow us to fulfill this need. Drinking coffee allows us to sit with friends and family and discuss various topics of our lives. Where else can you go and spend just a couple of euros, for your coffee of choice and spend a good hour or so talking with good friends. Add a couple of comfortable chairs and some good music and you’re set.


Drinking coffee also gives us a time to take a few moments to refocus on our lives. If you are by yourself, drinking a cup of coffee it gives you the opportunity of a few minute of relaxation. This is how it is for me, especially know, sitting in the garden. I think this is a perfect time when you can reflect on your past, present, and future. It might even be a time when we decide to make life changing decisions, such a career change, marriage, or having children or selling your restaurant!

Of course there are many other reasons why people enjoy drinking coffee but these three seem to be the most important reasons at this moment. You may agree or disagree with these reasons but again I believe one reason to be true. We enjoy the taste of quality coffee.

het heden



Espresso coffee


Espresso, a way of live.

Drinking espresso has become a way of life for most people, particularly those who have heavy schedules and who take time out to relax with a cup of freshly brewed espresso or coffee.

Coffee is so popular it is believed that it comes next to water as a popular drink. The whole world loves a good cup of coffee that annual consumption can reach to as high as 400 billion coffee cups all over the world.

Where is the espresso coming from

Most avid coffee or espresso drinkers can have a cup of espresso a day or even more, without knowing where this beloved beverage came from. That heavenly brew comes from coffee beans that are sourced from evergreen trees that are grown all over the world. The evergreen tree is widely grown in Latin America, Indonesia, Hawaii, Southeast Asia and in Africa.
While the word espresso may have come from an Italian word meaning express or fast, it really is a misnomer since espresso or brewed coffee have to undergo a process before one can enjoy its freshly brewed taste. To make a good espresso, one has to start with a good coffee variety that must have undergone proper grinding. A good espresso maker handled by a capable barista can yield an espresso that can taste heavenly. The goodness of an espresso can be determined even from its aroma alone. Coffee drinkers who are serious about making good espresso should invest in a good espresso machine. Good espresso machines come in a variety of brands, sizes and prices. You need not spend more to get a good espresso machine because there are good espresso makers that are reason ably priced. When making the espresso, always remember to turn on the espresso machine and allow it to heat properly. Establishments that have fast espresso orders do not really put off their machines to make sure it is properly heated for every espresso order.
When buying coffee beans, it is better to grind them as you use them because keeping them even in a tight container after grinding can result to a loss of aroma. Attention should also be placed on the type of grinder being used, with conical burr grinders preferred than flat burr grinders. The grinder with a conical burr is preferred because it can grind the beans without heating them and lessening their aroma in the process.
At het heden, the coffee is grinded on demand on a Mahlkonig coffee grinder, so the flavor is at it’s best. And of course the machine! A La Marzocco linea. The one and only handmade in Florence

While the kind of coffee beans used for the espresso must be chosen well, baristas should also make sure that only filtered water is used for the espresso as the water’s mineral content can affect the taste of the espresso.

There are so many variables that are of influence when making an espresso. Let’s have a look.


When one finds a good coffee blend, the tendency is to buy more for storage. When you do this, do not commit the mistake of keeping coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. It is best to store them in a container that is foolproof and clean and place them in a dark and cool area.

het heden

Mercedes, the W123 300TD 1980

The Mercedes W123 300TD


Seven years ago we fell in love with our mercedes W123 300TDWe imported the car from California, USA. This means that everything is just a little bit bigger than European version. The tires are wider and the bumpers thicker.

Before the Benz, we use to drive a 2CV and a Citroen Acadiane. So you can imagine that this was a big change!

Mercedes W123 300 TD in 1980.

Back in those days the Mercedes W123 300td was a very luxurious car, with airconditioning, cruise controle and autobalance. The autobalance makes sure that the car goes back to a horizontal position after you put a heavy load in the back.

Also in the back, an extra bench. So no problem if some friends from school wanted to come and play.

I bought the Mercedes after a year when I started my first business, The Lapsang. It was a small restaurant, only open for lunch and high tea. It was perfect for all the shopping and the catering projects we had on different locations.

After I sold The Lapsang, I bought Het Heden. Here, serious construction was needed. The car proved itself useful. A load of scaffolding wood, concrete and other heavy stuff was no problem. Even moving a big container that was in front of the restaurant. Slowly I drove the bumper against the container and than let the engine do the work.

The mercedes W123 300TD, a work horse

Strange things I moves with this car. Twelve tables inside and 16 chairs on the roof. It looked great. Sometimes you see these old Mercedes going south with more luggage than car, preferably with a big blue canvas on the roof. This how my car looked a lot of times.

Saying goodby!
It’s time to say goodby to this nice car. Next year it’s probably no more tax free driving. It’s a diesel and the car weights about 1650 kilograms. So it’s not going to be cheap.
And because it’s an oldtimer, you only need a check up every two years. So it’s not the safest car. you not going to the dentist if you don’t have a dental problem.

With empower network it most be possible to earn a new Mercedes.

So if you like cars don’t hesitat, Take Action! join me with Empower Network and together we make it possible.

Till next time


Het Heden


Stress, the enemy of you health

Stress and your health.

This is what I found on wikipedia.
Stress is a reaction of your body in responce to an event such as an environmental condition or a stimulus.
Stress is a body’s way to react to a challenge. In case of danger your body will be in a state of fight or flight.”

Stress, how to come out of it.

A small dose of stress is good for you I think, it makes you focus and more clear in what you do. But to much stress can cause a lot of damage.
First of all, it doesn’t make you happy and it can lead to a burn out.
A burn out is a psychological term for a syndrome characterized by long-term exhaustion and diminished interest, especially in one’s career.

You lose interest in important things. Easy things that normally causes no problem now seem like a huge mountain.

But why do so many people stress so much, with in there career? What is the worst thing that can happen? That you get fired? Or that you go broke?
You won’t die, you look for another job or you start over again.
This is also what I tell myself! But it not always works.
One of the biggest stress triggers is money, or the lack of it. Can I pay my bills at the end of the month? Can we affort this or that.
Many people go to there job every day and get paid for every hour that the work. If I think of that, it makes me sad. How can you ever forfill your dream?

Maby this is a reason for stress itself.
More important is what can we do about stress?

Move a lot. Go to gym or do other sports you like, your body will make endorfine, that makes you happy. If you suffer hartbeatings, take it easy and go for a little walk every hour and longer ones after work. As long as you move.

Laughing. A smile does wonders.

Health. Make sure you eat healthy, a healthy body helps a healthy mind

Try to enjoy. Take time to relax and plan nice things to do. If you plan this with other people, there is a bigger chance that you realy do it.

So far.

Dirk van Waasbergen

Het heden

Ask yourself, is it realy worth it? Life is to short!