travel the world, how to get the money for that

When I was 20 I traveled to Bangkok by myself. I saved money by working in the most popular bar in town, de Zwarte ruiter (The black knight). de zwarte ruiterThis seemed the most logic thing to do. I saved enough to travel for about six month. From Thailand to Malesia and then into Indonesia.

After I finished my studies (social academy) Me and my girlfriend took off for a year. I insisted on going over land. But because the war in Afghanistan just started, going through Iran and Pakistan was not a good option. Instead we took the train to Moscow, this train ride took us three days. After spending a few days in this beautiful city, we got on the next train to Tashkent in Uzbekistan. It’s a big city and just like Moscow the subways are beautiful.tashkent

After we visited the cities of Samarkant, Buchara and Khiva the next stop was Kirgystan. Everything over land, in this case by taxi.

In Bishkek, the capital  we arranged the visa for China and then we took of for a beautiful trip into the mountains. Transported by a real Lada or minivans and even on the back of a donkey we arrived in the highlands of the country.imagesAnd spend the night with local people living in yurta’s

After a long trip in a Wolga and many checkpoints later we arrived in China. The border crossing in the middle of 60 kilometers of no mans land in marked with a arc de triomfborderAnd there your Chinese driver is  waiting for you, hopefully, because if not they will sent you back and the two day drive will be for nothing.

Arriving in Khaskar, the first city you come across in the western part of China. It felt like going back in time, specially the markets. Horse racing without saddles, a lot of cattle and the dentist just on the street.

After that a beautiful long trip through China. Everything over land. From Beijing we took a plain to Bangkok and it was time to relax on a beach. Koh Phang kan near Koh Samui, beautiful blue waters and more than enough palm trees.

We missed China, so after spending a month in Cambodia and another month in Vietnam, we where back in China.

There we worked as an English teacher to earn some extra money. After 2 months we where back in Bangkok and we decided to go to India. Bombay was our first stop and than of to Goa. Ones a Portuguese colony, Goa is a very relaxed place to be. We spend five weeks here on the beach, eating fresh fish and drinking Gin tonics and fruit juice of course.

Next stop…. Radjastan and Varanasi. After this we where longing for peace and quiet. So we went for Nepal and the two of us walked the Annapurna in 23 days. 5500 meters high this was the most beautiful thing of our journey.

Back in Katmandu we flew back to Bangkok to spend some more time on a beach and sent all our souvenirs home.

And than it was time to go home….Since that time I started my own restaurants. But last year I woke up and realized that I don’t make enough money to travel. Specially not with the whole family.

I came across empower network and I decided that this is going to be my opportunity! Within a year there will be enough money to travel the world with my family.

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