My Surly Fatebike Experience

Today I want to share my passion of Fatbiking, I think it is the ultimate freedom!
Last year I bought myself a surly moonlander Fatbike and I love it.
It’s a bike that moves on where other bike stop.

It has 4,8″ wide tiers and if you play with the air pressure, you can ride almost every terrain.

Every Sunday morning, there is a group that goes out on the bikes.
Last winter we had a lot of snow in my home town and we got together took our fatbikes and went for a ride.

Almost all the air out of the tiers for a good grip. It was a 25 mile trip. Halfway I was not paying attention and I hit the water. It was more ice than water, because it was saltwater. Lucky I could jump off our ells I had a problem. it was -9 degrees celcius!

Anyway I love it.